The Best!! & Affordable!! medical id jewelry. - Peanut Allergy Information

The Best!! & Affordable!! medical id jewelry.

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One of my customers, asked me to write here! Check out the medical id jewelry from Dream Designs Jewelry. I am a stay-at-home mom, with a 3 year old son. He was diagnosed with Juvenile Type 1 Diabetes at the VERY young age of 10 months. I started this company, website address: [url=","],[/url] and started designing cute, fun & AFFORDABLE medical id jewelry for children & adults.

CHECK IT OUT!!! I have some great styles for girls and BOYS!!!!. Stylish, affordable and it usually takes only 2 weeks to get it to you. I have a lot of peanut allergy customers...thay are all VERY satisfied.

Debbie Sanford

On Nov 12, 2004

Wow, beautiful stuff. I'm bookmarking it to show Jason tomorrow.

On Dec 17, 2004

Can't get the link to work - is the site name correct?

Edit to Add - Ok, I got there, but you can't see any of the products yet. I would be interested in seeing some samples of the work.

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On Dec 17, 2004

Chicago, try this, I deleted the comma after the .com and it works for me now.


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On Dec 17, 2004

Those are amazing, we aren't at the bracelette stage yet but those are terrific.

On Dec 18, 2004

I was just posting in another thread about medical jewelry and came across this thread too! These are the bracelets that my son wears! Debbie makes such beautiful things! Timmy loves wearing his train bracelet! She shows me her new creations all the time, OHHH so gorgeous! (my non-PA son is in her son's preschool class) They are so reasonable for the price.

On Dec 20, 2004

Thanks AnnaMarie, I got there.

Pretty things. They actually look thinner then some of the other alternative which is great for older kids and grown ups. The turquiose and jade styles are very different too.

On Dec 6, 2005

Raising this up!

Debbie is a friend of mine and she makes beautiful and affordable things. My son loves his bracelets (and so do I!). Check it out!