Thank you letters to kindergarten parents


Has anyone written a thank you note to the parents of their child's class? We have a lot of food-oriented events for kindergarten and the parents have been supportive and brought in nut-free food, (except for a couple mishaps). I was going to have the teacher send a note home with the kids.

On Jan 21, 2006

Hi...I think this is a great idea. It will show the mums that their time and effort is being noted and appreciated. It will make them feel good about the small things they are doing to help a child and therfor will encourage them to keep it up. Lets face it we need as many supporting parents as we can get.

On Jan 21, 2006

During the years DD was in childcare/school settings, I made it a habit to write thank-you notes in newsletters and also as "send-homes" whenever I could. Every couple of months seems to work well. It was always well-recieved by everyone.

There is an ulterior motive, as well... this serves as a reminder to other parents about the situation and also lets new students' parents know about the situation in case someone "forgot" to tell them.


On Jan 22, 2006

I disagree... The reason the parents cooperate is because the school has asked them not to bring this stuff in- You should have the school reminding and thanking the parents, not you!

I have found that other parents give a **** - I have tried Thank You notes, being kind etc- it doesn't matter to them.

Our Princiapl wants everything to come from her- that way they know that she is the one making the rules- not me!

I know that I am lucky to have a supportive principal but I have also done it the other way- pouring out my undying thanks for any efforts they take to help keep my dd safe- I never got so much as a "no problem" I found they just ignored it-

I would suggest working on the teacher or principal to post a quick thanks in their newletters!

On Jan 22, 2006

I have to say I agree with Gwen here.... but you definitely catch more flies with honey, as the saying goes. (I always wondered why anyone would WANT to catch flies.... [img][/img] ) You can always get the big stick out later... if you need to. This can serve as a nice reminder that the stick is still there, KWIM?

Anyway, I was lucky enough that I could gently suggest that a thank-you in the newsletter or a special note home at holiday time would be nice. Usually teachers/directors agreed. (FROM THEM, NOT US)... I just suggested wording if they seemed to think it was too much trouble... "oh, you know, I have enough time I could write something up for you if that would be helpful..." all the while grinning wolfishly. (AT this point, they have a hard time turning you down... after all, you aren't asking them to invest their own valuable time, and you aren't being MEAN... it is a thank you note. How nice.) [img][/img]

On Jan 25, 2006

Definately food for thought. OK, what is a "wolfish" grin? Ha Ha. Thanks for you input. I will think it over. I didn't see it in that perspective.

"Corvallis Mom"-- Are you in Corvallis, OR? I am from Corvallis but live in California now. I grew up in Corvallis from age 4 to 12. I went to Lincoln Elementary and Western View Junior High. We moved back to California when I was 12. Have you lived there all your life?

On Jan 25, 2006

Yes, I live in Corvallis... we moved back to the homeland after a stint professoring in south central MN... oddly, I found it to be juuuuust like Fargo. The movie Fargo. [img][/img] Such a shame I can't do the accent via keyboard, because I am told I do it very well for a non-native. We really really like Corvallis. A lot. Helps to have perspective of living somewhere you so don't belong.

Anyway, no, I didn't grow up here, exactly... I was from Southern Oregon before I got all uppity and moved away from my redneck home-boys and got me an educatin'. [img][/img]

DH isn't really from OR, but we pretend. He's gone native, so it is OK. LOL!

On Jan 25, 2006

Any communication we've sent home to parents has been through the school. For example, when something on her safe-snack list needed to be removed, it was the school who sent out the notice. This occurred right at the beginning of the school year. The explanation of the new safe snack list was a letter drafted by me, edited and signed by the school. I drafted the letter not because I wanted to use my words but, in complete honesty, because the school has so much to do and has done so much for Lauren too, I didn't want to add this to their plate. My thinking was it was my fault this safe-snack error got by me. Included in the letter was words to the effect of: "We know this situation is new to many parents in children but as we explained, a necessary step...thank you for your continued support...You should be proud of your children in their daily support of their peers....." kind of thing.

That way, their not doing [i]me[/i] the favor but following school rules.

Maybe you could draft a letter like, "We've gotten through the 1/2 the year without incident and it is because of your continued support. "

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