Thank you letter parents and teacher


Does anyone have a letter they may have prepared for end of school to thank the parents in a peanut free classroom for their cooperation keeping a nut free class?

Also anyone with a letter written for a teacher of a peanut free class for their extra effort?

I have already seen the poem by Laurensmom, that is a great poem and I intend to include it or attach it to my letter. If I do that I would like to give appropriate credit as to who wrote it. If Laurensmom reads this you may email me your name if you are comfortable doing so and I will include it at the end of the poem.

Thank you to anyone who has a good letter they have prepared in the past and will like to give us some assistance.

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On Jun 13, 2004

bensmomdad, welcome! [img][/img]

I did have a letter that my husband and I send to each of my son's classmates. Last year we didn't use it because we had such a horrid year. Not that we haven't had a horrid year this year, but the children were really great, and I think the parents as well, and I do plan to do a letter.

momma2boys had asked me the other day in another thread if I had a copy of my thank-you letter and I did check in My Documents to see if I had kept it, but I hadn't.

If you do a search of the board, using the UserName vic , under Schools, you *may* find one. I know that I used vic's introduction letter for the beginning of the school year, not this year, but the year before.

As far as a thank-you letter, I would consider ours pretty generic, but a thank-you letter nonetheless which we hand out with a BE A PAL certificate, and given finances, a box of Smarties.

I should get working on mine this week and if I do think it's okay, I'll post it here. I did look the other night for momma2boys and was really surprised that I hadn't posted it here because I usually post everything (too much information in fact [img][/img] ) but no, it's not here, unless hidden in a thread.

Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Jun 13, 2004

Thank you Alternative to Mainstream for your reply.

What a great support community here that we never knew about!

With the peanut allergy you feel so alone on the issue. It is great to communicate with others on this and know you are not alone.

On Jun 13, 2004

BensMomDad, Just read your e-mail and replied. I'm glad you like the poem.

This is the letter we sent out at the end of first grade.

Dear , , and <504 Coordinator>

We have been trying over and over again to put down into words how much we appreciate what you have all done for us over the past year. However, nothing seems to fit. How can we say thank you for being so caring, so thoughtful and so protective of one of the most important people in our life? How do we begin to tell you how deeply you have touched our lives? Thank you just doesn

On Jun 13, 2004

Thank you Andrea, you have helped me get some ideas and get my letter started. I do plan to attach your poem as my wife and I both had a tear or two when we read it. The poem speaks directly to the feeling of a parent in this situation.

Thanks again for your help!

On Apr 7, 2005