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hi my name is Amy, but it's my son JR who has the major allergies... but not only does he have allergies but he has cerebral palsy. so add the allergies and we have a wonderful life.. ugh! His main allergies are nuts with the emphasis on tree nuts, but the allergist says to stay away from them ALL!!!! it all started when my husband gave JR a half of a half of a cashew... not a pretty site, we gave him benedryl, it didn't work, so we called the doc, she said go to the ER, we live 7 blocks from the ER and in that time the hives came on... then all the crap hit the fan! but he's ok now... and we watch what we give him. He's also allergic to eggs and cantaloupes! Cats and dogs, and geez... right after we found out of his allergy to cats and dogs my in-laws got two new cats and my mom got a new dog.. some grandparents huh? anyway, the doc never said anything about him being allergic to peas or green beans but we've been noticing that everytime he's been eating either his face gets red so we've decided that he's not eating them anymore.. and i'm gonna bring it up at the next doc visit... UGH... can we add anymore stress??? any info would be nice..thanks to all!!

On Jan 9, 2009

peanuts are part of the legume family. I would research peanut allergies on line or find a good book. This allergy should be taken very seriously, the first reaction wasnt the worst, in my case! It can be frusterating, but trust me: with a little research and time- it does get easier! Good luck!