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PeanutAllergy.Com Living With Peanut Allergy the perfect job for teen PA Author Topic: the perfect job for teen PA Claire Member Posts: 569 Registered: Apr 2000 posted May 08, 2001 06:45 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We knew that Christopher would eventually need or want to find a job,but have dreaded it when it became time. Well he has found the perfect job and it just happen to fall right into his lap. He will be working for people that live right in my side yard and doing landscaping work. I was worried he would not find a job that didn't contain the food issue and this job is all outdoors and mainly by himself with people working around the yard as well. He will be weeding and mowing,watering and helping out around the business. He starts today and is so excited about this. He has been trying to plan his money and check. I can not believe that I don't have to worry about what he will be around and what the other employees will be eating! They are going to let him run home for lunch whenever he feels like it. Which is good so they can eat while he is home eating. Food is not even an issue at this job and I can't believe it came to him. Another thing is that he will walk right across the street and be there. I told him he will bring the epi-pen just in case I should not be home and an accident occurred and it is good to keep in practise of having it. Well time to send him to school have a good day. claire IP: Logged California Mom Member Posts: 204 Registered: Jul 2000 posted May 08, 2001 01:03 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh Claire, that is wonderful news! I am so happy for you and for Christopher. I hope that when Leah becomes a teenager she will also be able to have a normal experience such a having a summer job. Take care, Miriam IP: Logged Claire Member Posts: 569 Registered: Apr 2000 posted May 09, 2001 06:18 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, Christopher went to work last night after school,and did enjoy it. It seems so strange to have him at work. Of course I can see him from my yard which makes it so nice. The people he is working for have 3 children and he said they watched him in the yard. He did however ask me if I ever heard of a Walnut tree?? You know me I started telling him not to touch it. He said"mom I just watered it and not chew on it". He had such a good time that I am not going to thrive on the tree,but when I am alone with his boss I shall ask about this tree. I have to do this secretly because He thinks I am overreacting to the tree. He can not wait to get his first pay check. Got the calculator out and figured what to do with the money. Take care claire


On May 21, 2001

Claire posted 05-09-2001 12:33 PM ET (US) Heather your right about that. This job could not be any better. Not to mention he tans pretty well,and enjoys the sun. I myself hate the heat. I remember my first job in a department store and I hope he enjoys his as much. Well time to clean carpets. Take care claire