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I just wanted to give credit to Texas Roadhouse. They just arrived in our area and we decided to go. We stopped at the door because they had a big sign--"Peanut dust everywhere." Our son is allergic and we left.

I wrote the company a quick email thanking them for their prominent warning, and received a personal note back, offering to bring takeout to us at our car if we liked, and offering a $20 gift certificate. I got it in the mail, along with a handwritten note. We'll use it on a date night without our son.

It's nice to see this attention to our needs.

On Jan 24, 2004

It's been our experience that any place with "Roadhouse" in the name will most likely have peanuts everywhere, so we just avoid those restaurants.

On Jan 24, 2004

I have to tell you. A Roadhouse opened up in our town maybe last year or so. Someone told me of their peanut situation. I first explained to the Roadhouse about PA and the problem and recommended a sign. Explained that it was also in their best interst to have it because if someone walked in and had a reaction, they would be liable. I got a "Well, ahh...I've got to talk to corporate about it".

So, I called the heath department on them. I explained to the health inspector about PA. He actually said he agreed and had been 'fighting' with people to get something done about it. He said this was the ammo he needed. He took my name and number and within a week, a sign was added to the front about the peanuts!


On Jan 24, 2004


Thanks for the effort and for making a difference. You may have saved someone from a reaction.