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Posted on: Sat, 02/24/2001 - 1:55pm
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pWhen my son was 3 we had him tested for peanut allergies, using the scratch test. We think the test was a bust because it showed him to be slightly allergic to peanuts and highly to eggs, which he has eaten and had no problems -eggs that is. This summer he attended camp (very scary to me) and managed to eat half of a granola bar with the last ingredant listed trace amounts of peanuts, thankfully he had no reaction. We were so happy! Thinking he, at only 5, had out grown his allergy. Off to the allergies for blood work. Results the most severe type of peanut allergy. (cry sad sad!) Today someone almost gave him a peanutbutter cookie to eat. It was right in his face; he did not touch it and had no reaction. I am sure if it was a jar of the vile stuff it would have been different./p
pHere are my questions---br /
First, has anyone else had varied reactions from the two test, and which is most accurate?br /
Second, would most PA kids have a reaction to a peanut butter cookie so close to their face?br /
And lastly, where the heck is the darn spell check here?/p

Posted on: Mon, 02/26/2001 - 5:41am
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I am feeling exactly the same, as posted in my thread can't believe he is pa. I guess the real proof comes with the eating and probably depends how your childs general health is at the time etc.

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