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Our daughter was dx with PA based on history (got hives after touching and ingesting trace amounts of PB--i.e.whatever she didn't smear on her belly or cheeks that was on her tray where the rest of her food was placed)and skin test. She was also dx wih TNA based on skin test alone. I am wondering what all of these numbers are....and RAST, etc....I am not unsatisfied with our allergist, but I guess I feel very uninformed about what all of these things are andwhat I should know or request as we continue her treatment, etc.! I apologize in advance for my complete lack of knowledge!

By BestAllergySites on Oct 18, 2009

Blood result/testing numbers depend upon the test. They really don't mean anything. Depending upon your child's IGE levels/antibody levels to an allergen-she will be assigned a number and that number gets a level. These numbers are made up arbitrarily by the lab in most cases.

So one would think a level 6 peanut allergy is high, but really there is no way to tell. Testing only tell us pos and neg results and even then it can be wrong.

History of reaction is the best indicator of a true allergy. But mild reactions does not mean mild allergy. A reaction can change at any time. So anyone with a peanut allergy should treat it as severe and hope for the best. Very few individuals outgrow a peanut allergy.

I honestly would just forget about the numbers and work on keeping away from peanuts.

If you feel uninformed-tell your allergist. Go to your appointments with a list of questiosn. He/she should be able to answer them.

Hope that helps! Ruth

By mvendt on Oct 18, 2009

Thanks, Ruth. Since it was our first appointment, I really wasn't prepared at the time, and probably in a bit of denial. I was hoping he would say that she wasn't allergic, despite her hives th thisat went away with benedryl! :( I am learning more thanks to sites like this, and I know I will have a list of many more questions at my next appointment. Ultimately, I am not overly concerned with all of the tests that are out there, the most important issue is how to keep her safe. I am glad though that it seems she really doesn't "Need" any additional tests immdediately, in order to keep her healthy and safe. While we really liked our allergist, when you know nothing it is nice to hear some of the things he said repeated by knowledgeable people like you!

By BestAllergySites on Oct 18, 2009

No thanks needed. I remember very clearly how overwhelming that first appointment was and I went away in shock and had 1 million questions.

Many of us that have gone through it take for granted and forget all the things we learned over time. It just takes time.

You are doing great and doing the right thing by trying to inform yourself. It took me years before I realized I could get all this info online. Just be careful with all that you read. Many of us are moms and dads and not medical professionals-just doing what we can for our kids and all our comfort levels are different.

For us, we keep peanuts and peanut products out of the house. We also don't let my son eat may contains or processed in-but do keep some of those things in the house for us.

Over time, you'll find your own comfort level.

Just remember-no question is silly. Feel free to ask anything you want here-and we'll try to answer in a timely fashion. :)