testing results . . .IGE of 31?

Posted on: Fri, 10/25/2002 - 3:52am
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I just got back Jessica's allergy test. On a scale of 1-5 she got a 4 for peanut (no surprise there considering she had an anphylaxis reaction to a taste of peanut butter less then a month ago) . . .

She scored 2 for dogs - thankfully the Dr said it wasn't high enough to warrant getting rid of the dog - but we have to watch her contact with her especially at night.

1 for milk, soy and egg

THANK GOD dust mite was 0 - I wouldn't even know where to begin! probably with a maid service LOL :-)

Anyway - here is where I'm puzzled. He said her IGE was 31 and normal was in the 50s? And that 31 wasn't bad? What is that? I haven't read anything about that part of the blood test.

Any insight would be appreciated



Posted on: Tue, 12/10/2002 - 6:58am
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I studied immunology yeeeaaars ago at university (ironic since I now have to know about it) and the IgE is Immunoglobulin E, a protein that is involved in an acute immune response, to an allergen. The IgE specifically recognizes the allergen, and initiates the release of histamines as well as other chemicals that cause the serious reactions. I'm not clear why your childs level would be lower than normal, maybe the allergist meant lower than a normal anaphylactic child. I would speak to the doctor to find out exactly what he means. If you find out let me know.
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