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Testing positive to a food that has never been eaten

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I am reading The Parents Guide to Food Allergies By Marianne S. Barber with a Forward by Hugh A. sampson M.D.

It clearly states on page 18 ,unfortunately it's impossible to test for an allergy to a food that has never been eaten,as the body will not have developed any IgE antibodies to it. How true could this be?

On Sep 25, 2002


You're probably getting tired of me answering your posts! It just turns out that you ask questions I have an answer or experience for.

What the book says is absolutely true. Although, I'd add that exposure in utero and through breastfeeding counts as "eaten".

My son w/PA was exposed BIG TIME in utero - my OBGYN told me I needed iron and protein, and she said PB was the easiest way to get it. I ate PB every single day after that. We knew nothing about PA, and my Dr. said nothing about it, either. (This was almost 7 years ago.)

My youngest son has been skin tested for PA once. It was, of course, negative, because he's never been exposed/eaten peanut products. So, we still don't know for sure if he is allergic. We will food challenge him and retest him before he starts school.

BTW, the jury is still out for most people as to whether the skin test counts as an exposure. I say it does because there have been some people who have suffered an anaphylactic reaction to the skin test. If it's enough to cause someone to react like that, then it's an exposure in my book.


On Sep 25, 2002

Lam, Thanks for the information, I never ate peanut butter while I was pregnant although I may have had a snickers bar on occassion, but that was very rare. My son was born at 26 weeks ,in other words I was not consuming peanut products on a daily basis or even once weekly. Have You read The peanut allergy answer book, if so what did you think of it , I am thinking about purchasing it.

On Sep 26, 2002


Yes, I have the book, and have read parts of it. It seems to be well done and accurate.

Honestly, though, the best information comes from this site.

Have a good day, Tammy

On Sep 30, 2002

Lam, I agree about good infomation coming from this site, I have really gathered a lot of good information .