Testing of non-Allergic Parents?

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We have a five-year old son with PA and he's going down to Edmonton this month for another set of tests to see if he's grown out of any of his allergies.

I hope this isn't too off the wall, but has any other non-allergic parent considered having themselves tested at the same time as their child? My wife and I are free from PA, but I've always wondered if we'd show a reaction if we were tested, too. Sort of a control group thing, just to see ...

Steve Sauve COLD LAKE, Alberta, Canada


On Aug 5, 2000

I tested myself after showing signs of allergies and found to be allergic to 28 items. If it is either one of your families side, then it is a consideration. My husband is not allergic at all..they get it all from me...lol Mine continue to increase with time. One thing I did find is with hormonal changes can also cause them to come on later in life..this holds true for me and for my aunt..we both have many allergies, as does my Grandma. Also, if one or both of you had them as a child, you may want to consider it, if not for anything, but peace of mind.

On Aug 5, 2000

I've had your thought exactly. I've wondered if my husband or I would come up positive for any tree nuts or peanuts. If you get yourself tested, let us know the results.

On Aug 5, 2000

Thanks for the responses! I guess what I'm most curious about is that our 'little guy' shows, among others, PA and sesame allergy, and we know we're not allergic to either, but I've wondered if one of us would show the same reaction to it on the test. Is that possible? I know how the test is conducted, but I'm wondering if there's such a thing as 'false positives' for results.

If we can get tested at the same time, I'll let you know the results.

Steve Sauve Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada


On Aug 5, 2000

Steve and Kathy: You might want to do a search for False Positives. I read a few things that were rather interesting. Don't know if it will help or not. Good luck!!

On Aug 7, 2000

I really want to get myself tested for a peanut allergy. I mentioned it before, but when I was about 2 months prg with my pa son, I ate a cracker with peanut butter. Immediately, my lips ballooned up about 10 times their natural size. Then both my eyes turned red and blood shot and soon swelled shut. I kind of wish my eyes went before my lips. God, I looked positively grotesque. Now, I've been eating pn all my life (although it was never a favorite of mine), and I've never had a reaction like that. I've since eaten pb and nothing happened. I wonder if my son's allergy was passed through me somehow? I don't plan on getting tested because I know it will come up negative on a skin-prick. I may have such a mild allergy to pn that it would take a blood test for it to show up. No doctor in their right mind is going to test a person for a nut allergy if they display no symptoms.