\"Testing\" allergies for meaness

Posted on: Thu, 03/23/2000 - 6:30am
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I just finished reading the thread about the "Freaks and Geeks" show this past Monday and wish I had seen it. I had never considered the possibility that kids would try to "test" allergic friends, until I saw our local news last night. One teacher in this particular middle school has severe chemical allergies - the children in her class have been warned that she could have a severe (possibly life-threatening) reaction to strong chemicals, including perfumes and cleaning products. The children are all careful about this, and don't wear perfumes, etc. on days they take classes from her. Well, these 3 seventh graders decided they wanted to get out of class, so they each doused themselves with a bottle of strong perfume just before they headed to her class. Fortunately, some of the other students and staff caught them before they went into the class room. The kids were suspended.

It infuriates me that these kids were willing to risk someone's life so they could skip a class. What happens when my kid gets to school and some obnoxious bully says "Hey, I don't want to go to this class/take this test/etc.; let's slip this boy some peanut butter."? Fortunately, the school is taking this situation seriously, but now I have a whole new set of problems to worry about. Home school is starting to look really attractive.


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