Test for Legumes??


I tried searching on here regarding legumes but mostly it was if PA people avoid them or eat them.

I wanted to know if anyone has been tested for legumes...seeing they are allergic to peanuts and they are in the same family?

My son is going back to his Allergiest next week and I really want to know if he is allergic to all legumes, which ones or maybe none.

The Dr. told us to try and avoid all legumes, when my son was diagnosed 3 years ago. I don't like not knowing for sure though.


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On Aug 16, 2004

Soy is a legume too, and there's plenty of allergies to soy. My son is also allergic to chick peas, another legume.

With peanuts+soy+chickpeas, we avoided all legumes for a few years. I am slowly reintroducing green and yellow beans, but only when they're fresh and organic. (not that is has an impact on their allergenicity, they just taste so good!) So far so good. But I am not pushing legumes.

On Aug 16, 2004

Hi Jodi- when my son was first tested for PA at age two, I had mentioned to this allergist that he'd reacted to peas; he scratch tested him for peas ans soy, and since he was positive for both we were told to avoid all legumes. I recently had him retested at age five by blood test - they tested for all different legumes (peas, soy, chickpea, lentil, beans) and he was allergic to all of them, some very highly.

Btw, wrt legumes - I was reading through some old threads, and someone pointed out that carob was a legume. I'm so glad I read that here, it would have never occurred to me! I was going to order Hershey's sixlets candy for my son, and they contain carob - thank goodness I found out before I did! Then today I was going to make Betty Crocker brownies, and reread the ingredients - the mix contained carob flour. Thank goodness for this site!

On Aug 16, 2004

What is carob? Why do PA people need to avoid?

On Aug 16, 2004

Wow. I didn't know about carob. Not that it really bothers me, cause I make everything from scratch...

Why should you worry about carob? Well, it depends if you react to other legumes or not. If you react to two or more legumes, you should avoid all legumes. And carob is a legume.

You often see a peanut+nut allergy, but the peanut+legume allergy is also quite widespread. My son is not allergic to nuts, but he is to legumes.

On Aug 16, 2004

Faithfully, carob is used as a chocolate flavoring. I think it grows on trees. I never imagined it was a member of the legume family! I actually went back and took a look at my son's test results to see if he was specifically tested for carob - he wasn't, but as darthcleo said, if you are allergic to more than one you should avoid them all, and we do. Funny, this is the first one that ever posed a concious effort to avoid (ds is just five, he's definitely *not* interested in eating chickpeas or lentils!)

darthcleo, I'm trying to do more baking from scratch myself [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] Do you have a good brownie recipe?

On Aug 16, 2004

Was trying to remember the label I saw carob on. It was the Philadephia Cream Cheese brick that I use to make fruit dip. I have eaten this several timessince I was dx with PA and it has never bothered me. Thank you so much for your responses. On a rast test I showed up .16 postive to peanut allergy. My Dr. said he isn't worried about me. I heard there is no such thing as a mild peanut allergy.

On Aug 16, 2004

Yes, I have a fantastic brownie recipe, but it's not egg free. If that's ok with you, I'll post it in the recipe area later tonight.

On Aug 16, 2004

darthcleo, thank you!!! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] (Yes, eggs are ok for us.) I'm looking foward to trying it!

On Aug 18, 2004

The brownie recipe you requested is now in the recipe section. BTW after having done that recipe a few times, I realised there's twice more sugar than flour!! I've stopped making brownies at that point ;-)

On Aug 18, 2004

Thanks so much!!

On Aug 20, 2004

Jodi2boys, dd is PA/TNA, and was also tested seperatly for all bean and pea family's, she skin tested positive to all of the tests in both, so we now avoid all legumes and peas of any type.

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On Aug 20, 2004

Allergic to peanuts and peas.

Avoid all legumes...it's just safer.