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Test Food Allergy at Home

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My kid (4 yrs old)

has peanut allergy and may have tree nut allergy. My doctor said the government (Canada) only allow him to do the blood test for the tree nut after he had some reaction from eating tree nut. If I let him to try tree nut 1st time, will it cause very serious reaction and needs to use Epinephrine? If everytime when we try the new food and needs to use Epinephrine for the reaction, I may prefer to avoid the testing. Can anyone tell me mostly how serious the reaction is at the first time of a food allergy?


By dntfamily@me.com on Jul 16, 2015

I think it is unfortunate that they will not allow a blood test to see if your son has an allergy to tree nuts until he first has an episode! That is crazy to me. That being said, I think it is risky to try it at home. You can certainly have a very serious reaction the first time. Simply because you don't know if he has already been exposed to tree nuts by cross contamination or something that may have contained tree nuts that you weren't aware of. My son had a serious reaction the very first time he had peanut butter. He must've been exposed before and we weren't even aware of it. I would just assume he is and just avoid tree nuts. Most tree nuts are processed with peanuts anyway so you do have a high cross contamination ratio. Good luck. Stay safe. Darlene PA Mom

By Jff on Aug 4, 2015

Reactions vary based on the severity of the allergy and other factors but I would think it could be serious enough to require medical attention. Rather than trying it at home, see if your allergist can do a skin prick test or an in-office oral challenge.

By meggie on Aug 26, 2015

My daughters first reaction to tree nuts, pine nuts speifically sent her to the er. Nearly immediate vomiting and hives, huge welts over her entire body. Very scary. She has been exposed to peanuts, through food that should have had cross contamination warning, these reactions were not so severe that we needed a trip to the er. When she was initially diagnosed with pn allergy we were just told to avoid tree nuts. It wasn't until she was much older, maybe 1st grade, that the allergist ordered testing specifically to include all the tree nuts.

By amerikanegirl87 on Aug 29, 2015

I'm not sure if you already tried giving your child nuts at home since this post. But another idea is to try almond/walnut butter etc. on the middle of your child's back on their skin to see if they get red or hives where it touches their skin. almost like an at home skin test? my son has a severe peanut allergy and if he touches anything peanut he breaks out in hives and redness where it touches him. So that might be a way to tell if they have a severe allergy to the other nuts. I think I'm going to do this with our next child to see if they are allergic to nuts too. Wish I would've done this with my son before I actually fed him peanut butter. Luckily he was okay. Another idea, I heard of people who think their kids may be at high risk for peanut/nut allergy etc, they park in the ER parking lot, give their child a taste of the allergen they are trying, so if the reaction becomes severe then they are able to just run their child into the ER within seconds. Those are my ideas. Good luck! That's scary and nervewracking!

By papachavez on Sep 1, 2015

My son was 10 months old when he had a reaction to a peanut butter cracker at my baby sitter's home. We waited until he was old enough to get tested, around 3 years old, I think (he is now 14yo). He was tested for peanuts and all tree nuts and did not have to eat something that could kill him, because a doctor lacked competence. Fire the doctor that's telling you, they can't test your child until he eats tree nuts. Had my child eaten tree nuts for a doctor to test, it probably would have killed him first. You need to find a good allergist doctor in your area, that has experience testing for food allergies in children. Don't trust your pediatric doctor, because they don't have the experience that an allergist doctor has testing for food allergies. Our own pediatric doctor, who is one of the best in the state where I live, refused to test my child and referred us to an allergist doctor. My son has never eaten tree nuts and we test him about every 2 years - still showing high reaction to all tree nuts.