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Posted on: Tue, 02/06/2001 - 1:35am
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I know someone who has a teenaged multiple food allergic son and suggested those jeans that are now in style that are baggy and have the pockets in the leg. The pockets are a good place to put an epi.

Posted on: Tue, 02/06/2001 - 4:17am
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My son carries his EPI in his back pack.

Posted on: Tue, 02/06/2001 - 7:16am
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My son takes his epi places but doesn't carry it every minute of the day. If he goes to soccer it goes in his bag, if he is off to a friends house, it goes with him and then is given to the adult in charges and at school they have one in the office. My son doesn't like to carry fanny packs and so we haven't made it an issue as long as it gets with him in some way. On field trips his teacher agrees to carry it. We felt like this was one thing my son didn't have to feel burdened by if there were other alternatives. When he rides his bike to a friends, his fanny pack hooks on the handle bars of his bike--and then is given to the adult--all who know what to do with it! We simply bought a large plastic cylindrical toothbrush holder. It holds the epi in its plastic container, his emergency instructions--which we reduced on a copier, and four claritan tablets (or benadryl). This usually lives in a small sized fanny pack. Sometimes I wear it--or put it in my purse--or Dad puts it in his fanny pack. It works for us and cost next to nothing. All it took was a trip to the drug store for the toothbrush container!

Posted on: Wed, 02/07/2001 - 10:31am
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As I said on another thread, we had an epipen go off on its own. We were told that this could happen if the epipen gets bounced around in a backpack or fanny pack. Now we carry our sons epipen in an EpiMate case since it is puncture proof and holds the pen in place without bouncing. I doubt that the plastic in a toohbrush holder can stop the needle. Have you injected an expired epipen? It is very strong! I would never let my son carry his pen in his pants pocket if it wasn't in the EpiMate so that he is protected.


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