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as if being a tenager isnt already hard enough, having a peanut allergy is just that extra thing you have to worry about. im 15, so naturally i want to be in relationships and more importantly i want to kiss boys. haha im being as blunt as possible but its the easiest way for me to express it. i really would like to know how long I would have to wait until i can kiss/ makeout with a guy, after he's had something with peanuts in it? and how can i ask if he had them without it like killing any chance of something happening? keep in mind that my allergy isnt so severe that the smell of peanuts or being around them would cause a reaction but my allergist said if i ate them or came in contact like that i had a 95% chance of anayphlaxis and i was like a level 5 or 6 on the RAST test. with this info can anyone help me out? it would be appreciated lots.(:

By BestAllergySites on Mar 1, 2010


A study was done on this (and I posted about this recently somewhere) but in short--peanut protein can stay in the mouth/in saliva for hours.

Brushing teeth does not help, drinking does not help, waiting an hour does not help.

The only thing that WAS shown to help is if the person who ate peanut products ate a non peanut meal sometime afterwards.

My advice--no kissing if the person has eaten peanuts unless you've waited several hours and they've had a non peanut meal.

Why not let your date know about your allergy and ask that they refrain from eating peanuts when with you? Or mention your allergy very early on in the date/relationship etc.

Also--please PLEASE make sure to always carry your EpiPen! :)

Hope this helps! Ruth

By MagnificentMel on Aug 1, 2010

Take it from me, a 19 year girl with an extreme PA, it's not a good idea to even be dating a boy that would eat something containing peanuts knowing he is going to see you. even if he uses mouth wash and brushes, i'd still be very weary.

By JohnConnor12 on Aug 9, 2010

a girl with PA shouldn't be dating a guy who is extremely fond of peanuts.nuts! They sure can cause you trouble if you're allergic to them — and a growing number of kids are these days.When someone has a food allergy, his or her body sort of misfires. Instead of treating a nut or peanut like any old food, the body reacts as if the nut or peanut is harmful. In an attempt to protect the body, the immune system produces antibodies (special chemicals designed to fight infections) against that food.that's not the case with non allergic guy z.