teenage baking


Hi I have been reading alot about children afraid of eating at the age of 10 and up. It is due to afraid of reaction. I have my 14 year old son with the allergy. We have found that at this age they love to bake and this is a great time to spend together. He loves to bake his own chocolate chips and rice crispie treats, brownies. It is so much fun and he is so happy because he knows that all the ingredients are safe. Now that we have a garden this is such a great learning experience for him. It even saves money on grocery shopping. I have 3 children,and they think this is so much fun because they are making safe food for their brother. My 2 year old cried the other day because he understands that I have to read the ingredients on every grocery item. I told him I had to put a treat back because it had nuts in it and he was so worried about the 14 year old getting it. I told him we would go home and make some cookies that were o.k. he was so upset when anyone touched that treat on the shelf. He yells no because there is peanut butter. I think that this has really helped my children to be close. Good luck to all. Just take an hour or so a week and bake all of your own snacks. Claire

On Aug 21, 2000

I appreciate your thoughts.

I bought an ice cream maker and my son (9) and his friends like to experiment with weird (but safe!) ice cream.

I make him cookies and bread but there is still all that social pressure to have the "junk food of the week" that everyone else has and not to be "different". How do you deal with that?

On Aug 22, 2000

hi,the ice cream maker is a great idea because the kids love this. Dealing with pressure has never really happened with us. Christopher has never even suggested that he wishes he could eat peanut butter. In school the children that he knows even bring in the kind of foods that christopher can eat because this is how understanding the children are of his allergy. A lot of people say that New York is such a bad place to live,but actually we have been blessed with the most concerned people. I always sent him to parties with his own goodie bag just so that he could enjoy the party as well as the others. The teachers would tell me that all of the children were wishing they could be like Christopher. I thought that was kind of great for him because they were never making fun of him,but wanted to join him. We always tried to treat him special but yet try not to make the children jealous of him getting to much attention, I have seen it happen that way also. I know that there is usually some type of food you can try and match with what the other children are eating. I don't know if I am any help to you because we really have been so lucky with our son. I think when you have had such a severe reaction as my son that you really don't care about what others are eating. My daughter is not allergic and once a month we try and go get something with peanut butter in it. Christopher goes with dad and I take her. He loves lobster so that is his special day once in a while. It's is expensive,but we try to keep everything level with the kids. I wish you well and lots of luck. Claire