Teen Daughter Diagnosed with PA

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My teen daughter had several vomiting episodes and some hives with unknown origin. She had extensive RAST testing done and yep the only thing that showed up was a Class Two peanut allergy.

I called her today and said no more peanuts and she told me she had had peanut butter yesterday with no symptoms.

Any suggestions?

Maybe, she should be skin tested. Can the RAST have a false positive?

I am going to have a real battle on my hands.

I am a PA adult and have been posting on here for four years.


On Oct 13, 2003

Cathlina, sorry to hear about your daughter testing positive.

There is always the possibility of false positives, but I wouldn't want to bet my life that's what it was.

I'm adult on-set pa and my reactions have gotten worse over time.

My brother and sister are adult on-set pa (my sister has multiple food allergies) and their reactions have not gotten as severe as mine. In fact my brother actually eats peanuts because he doesn't always react, and when he does it's just hives. He feels if he's careful and only eats them once in awhile his reactions won't get worse. Again, I wouldn't want to bet my life on it.

So, basically what I'm saying is: there is a possibility (not a big one) that it was a false positive. It is also possible to be allergic and not react every time. And then again, maybe she's a slow reacter.

Do you think having dd talk to the allergist might help? If the doctor truly feels it was not a false positive, maybe he could explain why she still needs to avoid peanuts even if sometimes it seems to be OK.

Good luck.