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I was wondering if anyone who's PA/TNA has successfully gotten a tattoo or knows if the inks are safe. I've heard the red inks can cause reactions, but I forgot why. I tried searching but it was mostly stuff on the off-topic board and parents posting about their own tattoos, not their PA kids'. I did find one place that sells blacklight ink that has ingredients on it, but they don't have black and I'm wanting to get a very small black tattoo (like nickle size) near my ankle.

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On Aug 21, 2005

I don't know a thing about tattoos but I do know my DH wants one so bad that I am giving him a certificate for christmas to get one. I will be looking for the cleanest place there is. NO I do not like them myself but it is his wish. He wants a steal your face from the greatful deas on his shoulder. I think he is crazy but I guess he thinks I am. I will let you know what I find out about the ink. Claire

On Aug 23, 2005

im PA.TNA and have two tattoos, both of which were done with black ink... one was done four years ago and the other was done a year ago. i havent had any problems with either.

you might want to try going to a search engine like and entering things like tattoo, allergy, red ink... there is a lot of good info out there pertaining to your question.

here is one sight that seemed to be informative:


also, one site i found (sorry i couldnt find the address again) said this about tattoo allergies:

Allergic reactions to tattoo pigments are fairly uncommon except for certain brands of red and green (with which some many people have a slight problem with itching, swelling, redness of the skin, oozing). People who are sensitive or allergic to certain metals may react to pigments in the skin by becoming swollen and/or itchy, oozing of clear sebum is also common. People with allergies should think carefully about getting a tattoo because of the risk of anaphylactic shock (hypersensitive reaction), which can be life threatening. Some tattoo artists give small tests, by marking a small amount of ink behind the ear to determine if that person has an allergic reaction.

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On Aug 23, 2005

starlight, in the search that you did of the board, did krasota post whether she had any tattoos or not? I know she gave great advice about what to look for when seeking out a tattoo parlour (is that what they're called everywhere?).

Claire, I think that is SO sweet that you are giving your DH a gift certificate to get a Grateful Dead tattoo.

This has nothing to do with PA, but I've been looking at people with tattoos lately (discussed this recently in Off Topic) and what I've noticed is that they are a LOT more colourful than they were when say my DH got one 30 years ago. They actually look quite interesting.

There is one Spanish gentleman who lives in my building and he has tattoos of his two children's faces on the upper part of one arm. I comented to him one day how lovely I thought they were.

But no, I'd look again in the Off Topic discussions re tattoos to see if krasota has any.

Best wishes! [img][/img]

On Aug 24, 2005

I do not. I'd love to get a few, but my immune system would most likely rebel. Even if I'm not *currently* allergic to the ink used (and that's highly unlikely), I would quickly develop an allergy to the ink.

There's nothing grosser than a tattoo that festers and bleeds and pusses up. I'd rather forgo the experience.


On Aug 27, 2005

i have one tattoo on my ankle of a dolphin and a moon the dolphin is blue outlined in black, the moon is of course yellow outlined in balck. never had a reaction to the ink. though i did have a horrible reaction to the ointment that they used to go over the tattoo after it was completed. they used A&D ointment. and i bought a tube and kept using it. my leg got red and swollen. a nurse and a dr where i worked figured it out and put straight bacatracin on it with in hrs it was sooooo much better. so i would recommend using that instead of a&d oinment. it came out beautiful and still is to this day . csc your right the colors now a days are so much more vibrant and much prettier.

On Sep 19, 2005

I'm 18, and I have 8 tattoos. (some are small, some are big- I'm in the process of full sleeves.) I have NEVER had a reaction. As far as I am concerned, the inks are safe. I have another friend who is also PN/TN allergic and his tattoos have never been problematic. I do know that on some pacific islands, they use coconut in the mixes, but that is a more tribal thing-- you won't find that in a regular tattoo parlor. What you DO need to look for is single use needles, autoclave sterilzation, clean hands, rubber gloves, and plastic wrap covering everything- the surface you put your boddy on, over the tattoo machine itself, under the ink being used, etc. I honestly feel as though you'll be fine. Most inks are labeled with ingredients but they don't clarify much... However, I have almost evedry color in my tatoos (even blue and red, colors which some people say could be "unsafe.") My best advice would be to get it somewhere far away from your face/neck/throat (like an ankle, although that's not the most comfortable spot), and get something small. This way, if you DO have a reaction, it is less of a crisis. I think you'll be ok though... and once you get it and survive it, you'll be happy. I promise! [img][/img]

On Sep 28, 2005

one thing re: allergy and tattoos that i ust thought of though... i noticed that frequently on the paperwork you do pre-tat, you have to sign off on not being allergic to iodine or shellfish. so maybe some inks contain that???

On Sep 28, 2005

oh, really? I didn't even think of that, maybe they just use iodine to clean the equipment. Anyone have any info on iodine/shellfish with tattoos?

On Sep 28, 2005

I'm not worried about the inks because of my PA, I'm worried about the inks because I have multiple severe allergies and tend to develop allergies to anything that stays on/in my skin for more than a few days. Heck, sometimes I worry about *clothing*. I also have MCS. In my case, it's not worth the risk.


On Oct 10, 2005

I have severe allergies to shellfish as well as Peanuts/TNs...

I have a rose tattooed on my ankle. I have had it for 4 years next month. It is red, has black & white outlines and then a leaf and stem wrapped around my ankle bone. The leaf and stem they used a combination of the yellows and blues to make the green. I've never had a problem with it NOR the a&d ointment.

The problems I had heard about with the reds was that the old red ink used to have levels of mercury, which could be part of the problem.

When you get a piercing or a tattoo, most places will ask you about allergies to certain things - shellfish, cucumbers, bananas, strawberries, kiwis...The shellfish/Iodine, IIRC was because of some of the products that they use to clean or mark the area for the piercing or tattoo (most tattoo/piercing parlors use the same general disclaimer no matter what) may contain traces. The bananas/strawberries/kiwis allergy is common to those who would more than likely have a latex allergy. When I had my belly button first pierced, I had asked why they were asking about bananas, strawberries, etc, as I was allergic to those, (but had not been tested on latex at that point) and they said that because of those allergies being early warning signs, they automatically used latex-free stuff for people with sensitivites to that "family" so that they wouldn't have issues. I was really happy with both places that did my tattoo and piercings (had to get the belly button redone because of surgery).

When I got my tattoo done, I had been doing research on the local parlors in the area before even going to them to talk to the artists. I was very confident with the lady who did my tattoo because if she did not know something, she was very quick to research it and get me a friendly and prompt answer.

You might even talk to a parlor about getting a sample of the inks that they use in the specific colors which will be used for your design to take with you to your allergist. Have the allergist test them for you, or test them on you in a controlled environment, so that you can be at ease.

On Oct 10, 2005

princesshinmighty, thank you so much for the info! That's awesome to know that tattoo & piercing places can take that much initiative to ask about bananas just because it might indicate a latex allergy [img][/img]

Once I decide on a design, I'm gonna go talk to the people at the tattoo place and ask if I can have some ink spread on top of my skin to make sure it doesn't hive up first.