taste challenge


My daughter (now 4) was skin tested positive 2 years ago for peanut allergy. I recently took her to a different allergist recommended by a friend of mine who also has a pa daughter. He did a blood test and her score is 1 out of 6. He'll be doing a taste challenge on the 19th of this month. If all goes well, should I relax and think we're in the clear? I've heard that reactions can change from mild to severe. We carry epis all the time now and I don't want to be without one should we need it. Help! I need advice.

On Jul 2, 2002

Do you mean a Class I on a CAP RAST test? I think it is risky to do a food challenge even if a Class I. Why does the allergist want to do that----to determine if it has been outgrown?

On Jul 3, 2002

I don't know what a cap rast test is. All I know is that on a score from 0 - 6, she scored a 1. Yes, he wants to see is she has outgrown it. Does this make sense?

On Jul 3, 2002

I know that a food challenge is a risky thing unless there is a VERY GOOD chance that the allergy is outgrown. Because a food challenge is an exposure and the less exposures one has before the age of 5, the better the chances are that the allergy can be outgrown.

maybe you want to call and find out more from that doctor what a score of one really means and what the statistics suggest etc.

On Jul 3, 2002

Wouldn't it make sense to do one last skin test [i]before[/i] doing an actual food challenge? Have you asked the allergist about this? It just seems to me that there is a step missing in this process - not to mention that I agree with the above poster who said 4 is too young for a peanut challenge. If doing without peanuts is something you're used to anyway, I would wait until between ages 5 and 7. There is recent research on "leaky gut syndrome" that says the intestinal tract may remain porous to the tiny peanut protein up to age 7.


On Jul 3, 2002

Thanks for the info. I'll have to talk with her allergist about it.