Target -- Archer Farms Label


What products, if any, do you use, and what are their labelling practices, if any, regarding "May Contains" or "Manufactured on/in"?

On Sep 10, 2007


Just got back from our brand-spankin' new Super Target and Archer Farms are everywhere in there. Some of their stuff looks really good--any chance they label like GM!!???

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On Sep 10, 2007

honestly i do not know what their labeling practices are -- what i do know is that for my multiple food allergic child i am glad for them -- they seem to have some cereal that use honey instead of corn syrup -- they have some bread too, plus some fruit strips, so we do use them--i have noticed lots of stuff with may contain and manufactured in -- as well as contains -- so........

On Sep 10, 2007

are these safe? do they label well? would be great!!

On Sep 10, 2007

I haven't looked into it, and haven't bought any of their products, but I do know that Archer Farms is Target's store brand.

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