tanox update: great article in wall street journal



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On Apr 5, 2005

great article, thanks!

On Apr 6, 2005

Did anyone else get really depressed reading this? It just makes my heart sink to think that we could be looking at something truly helpful in the very immediate future, and instead are stuck w/ something that "might" be helpful years down the road. All I can say is Karma. Melissa

On Apr 6, 2005

Melissa - I feel just like you do. When I think of how I would check the progress of the clinical trials and then to have the rug pulled out like that...

I'm really disgusted with what happened.

On Apr 8, 2005

I am so angry after reading this article. I wonder if any of these lawyers or these "partners" have children with PA. My guess is that money would not be quite as important in the end if that was the case. One trip to the emergency room with a child who is struggling to breath may cure much of the greed that happend in this case.

I can only imagine the level of protests and outcry if this was a possible cure for breast cancer or another disease well covered by the media.

On Apr 8, 2005

And, you have to wonder how many lives could have been saved if this safety net was put into place years sooner?