What can we do to get the three companies out of court and back into action so that the vaccine they are testing can finish clinical trials and receive FDA approval?!!!????

On Mar 11, 2003

I was thinking about the same thing. It

On Mar 11, 2003

The nature of man - to put greed and selfishness in front of the lives of millions of people...

I would like to see what happens when someone loses a life because they have spent too much time in courtrooms instead of labs.

Why can't we just all get along for the sake of making people's lives better...

On Mar 12, 2003

Please read the postings with the heading, "Campaign of Outrage" for information about what we all can do to get these companies to untangle their legal battles, and move the anti-IgE drug therapy along.

You can help saves lives!!! Write letters!

On Mar 14, 2003

Bonjour C&M's Auntie, We are students from France and we are studying peanut allergy. We have read your messages and we are very interested in this topic, but could you please tell us what was the initial issue concerning the companies? What is FDA and what are the trials you are speaking about? Thank you very much.

------------------ Frenchstudents