Taking Food Allergies to School (Special Kids in School) - Peanut Allergy Information

Taking Food Allergies to School (Special Kids in School)

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FYI-saw this book on Amazon.com

On Nov 25, 1999

Hi Brenda, I saw your note about the book on Amazon.com. I am an author and publisher who will be releasing two children's books around May 2000 on the topic of anaphylaxis. One is entitled The Princess and the Peanut and deals with nut allergies, the second is To Bee Or Not To Bee which deals with yellow jacket sting allergies. They are part of a unique series called the "Bedford Elementary Series" which follows a group of kids in a grade 3 class and tells stories about them while also communicating important health information. The purpose of the books is to educate and destigmatize children who sometimes suffer social consequences as a result of their health conditions. There are two other books in the series so far. Gone With The Windpipes which is about asthma and The Kid They Called Terminator 3 on Attention Deficit Disorder. Hope you look them up in the future. I expect they will be available on Amazon.com and will also work hard to make them readily available in the marketplace. Louise Dunne

On Feb 5, 2003