\'Takeaway dish nearly killed me\'

Posted on: Sat, 09/09/2006 - 11:16am
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A CHINESE takeaway will no longer dish up meals to people with nut allergies after a customer says she could have died after eating one of its meals.

Rebecca Dale, 24, who lives in Broxbourne, suffered a severe allergic reaction when she ate food contaminated with peanuts from Taste Of China in High Street, Hoddesdon.

Miss Dale says she stressed her potentially fatal condition to the takeaway when she placed her order over the phone. She ordered one of the set meals, but asked for the single dish containing nuts - satay chicken - to be swapped for something else or left out altogether. The member of staff reassured her that everything would be OK.

But Miss Dale ended up eating a spare rib that had been separated and hidden from a nut-containing satay chicken meal by just a lettuce leaf.

Her mouth, throat, tongue and lips all swelled up and her boyfriend, Stuart Bates, 26, called an ambulance, but an adrenaline injection and ice reduced the swelling and she did not need to go to hospital.

Miss Dale, who has had her allergy since birth, said: "I could have died. It really did frighten me.

"If they couldn't guarantee that it was going to be nut-free then they shouldn't have taken my order."

And she warned other food allergy sufferers: "Check, double check and triple check if you get any sort of takeaway or eat out."

She had ordered the meal for herself, her boyfriend and a friend to eat at home, which they had collected from the shop.

Taste of China's owner, who declined to be named, pledged this week: "I'm not going to serve anyone with a nut allergy. It's too much responsibility for us. "Obviously we try our best, but I can't guarantee it 100 per cent. We separate the sauce from the food, but it's not good enough.

"We're not breaking the law. If it's a matter of life and death, I don't want their business. I don't want my staff to take somebody's life in their hands."

Miss Dale accepted the takeaway's decision if that was the only way to avoid a repeat scenario.

Taste of China currently has no notice of its new nut allergy policy in the shop, but says it will inform customers when they mention their allergy.


Posted on: Sat, 09/09/2006 - 11:41am
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Isn't Chinese food a no no for most PA sufferers? My son has never had a morsel of chinese food near his mouth. Too many ingredients, too many chances, too many peanuts.
I wonder why that girl ate there in the first place?

Posted on: Sat, 09/09/2006 - 12:17pm
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Peggy, I agree with you. I don't understand why someone with a peanut allergy would eat in a Chinese restaurant!
I walk a wide berth around them.
I'm guessing that Miss Dale is one of many who was diagnosed years ago and doesn't have updated info.....or perhaps she has a lousy allergist.

Posted on: Sun, 09/10/2006 - 11:14pm
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she lives in the UK, more than likely she has never seen an allergist!!

Posted on: Mon, 09/11/2006 - 12:48am
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Quote:Originally posted by Adele:
[b]Peggy, I agree with you. I don't understand why someone with a peanut allergy would eat in a Chinese restaurant!
I walk a wide berth around them.[/b]
I agree that many Chinese restaurants are dangerous places to eat for people with PA.
However, there are always exceptions. I eat at some Chinese restauarants. I do my research and choose where to eat, and there are a few Chinese restaurants that I am comfortable with.
The one place I won't eat is at Thai restaurants. Peanuts and peanut sauce are in everything, so Thai restaurants are off my list. I also avoid Vietnamese food as peanuts are also common.

Posted on: Mon, 09/11/2006 - 6:06am
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my kids don't eat chinese or other similar type foods. risks are way too high. i just assumed everyone involved personally with PA already knew this. my goodness, we wouldn't even eat in a restaurant that served peanuts in any of their food...i can't imagine letting a restaurant employee (who probably doesn't even understand anaphylaxis) assume responsibility for my girls' lives. not a wise choice.

Posted on: Mon, 09/11/2006 - 6:28am
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Quote:Originally posted by joeybeth:
[b]the risks are way too high. i just assumed everyone involved personally with PA already knew this. [/b]
Hi Joeybeth,
I don't want everyone here to think I am careless about my allergy. I am personally involved with PA but I don't consider all Chinese restaurants unsafe.
Yes, Chinese food can be very dangerous... but it [b]depends on the restaurant[/b]. Some Chinese restaurants do not even use peanuts (although I have never found a nut-free one, as they all use cashews, etc.. but I am only PA, not TNA, so tree nuts do not bother me that much, although I do avoid eating them).
So the risks may be too high for many of you, or those of you with TNA, and I agree the PA and TNA risk is way too high for many Chinese restaurants, but with proper research and preparation and investigation, I do eat at some Chinese restaurants and I also eat at Japanese and/or Korean restaurants about once a week (just ate dinner at Prince Sushi in Mississauga last weekend).
I just want people to know that (a) taking PA seriously and (b) eating at some Chinese restaurants can go together.

Posted on: Mon, 09/11/2006 - 9:19am
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The Chinese restaurant near us is peanut free. No peanut oil on the premisis and only almonds in one dish which they only make very rarely. BUT, son is egg allergic as well and there is egg everywhere so we don't eat there with him [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/frown.gif[/img] just as a treat for us.

Posted on: Mon, 09/11/2006 - 3:35pm
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i've just heard too many stories about pb being used in sealing eggrolls, cross contamination that somehow happened even if the place was supposed to be peanut-free, etc. i didn't mean to suggest anyone else was irresponsible but i will not take my children to a chinese restaurant. we do visit one japanese rest where the food is cooked before us at the table (chicken, steak and shrimp) and we did visit pf chang's on vacation this summer due to their attn to our girls' PA. we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the girls were thrilled. but, even as we were leaving, we decided it wasn't something we'll probably ever do again. i felt i was telling the girls i agree with them eating in chinese rest's...and i don't agree with that (for them) in general. i also think they have lots of other choices where the risks are much lower. there are very few rest's we don't eat at. our life is full without chinese. that's just me personally though...didn't intend to offend. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

Posted on: Mon, 09/11/2006 - 10:17pm
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I think that the people are probably much more well-informed on PA than most people who have to deal with it. In fact, reading some posts, it's clear that many of the people here are more informed than certain allergists. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/rolleyes.gif[/img]
The point is, not everyone out there knows to avoid Chinese restaurants (or, like Erik, be very careful in choosing one), or to avoid any number of things that most of us consider potentially dangerous.

Posted on: Mon, 09/11/2006 - 10:52pm
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Quote:Originally posted by joeybeth:
[b] our life is full without chinese. that's just me personally though...didn't intend to offend. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img][/b]
Hi Joeybeth,
You didn't offend... I just wanted to make the point that not necessarily every Chinese restaurant is unsafe. Reading everyone's posts just made me feel I was doing something wrong by eating there. But I totally understand why you would avoid them as many are unsafe. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


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