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Our daughter has life threatening peanut allergies. We have flown Southwest, Alaska and Virgin airlines and they all have been helpful, They all do not pass out peanuts on the airline and asked other passengers to refrain from eating peanuts during flights.

Last night we were flying home on Frontier Airlines, When my daughter politely asked for help, they made her feel evil for asking for help. They stated that not only would they NOT make any sort of announcement to the cabin, they insisted on passing out and SELLING peanuts on the flight. When we stated that this was placing her life at risk and that other airlines accommodate to the best they can, we were yelled at, We were told to "GO FLY OTHER AIRLINES!" and we were kicked off the plane! Yes, you heard that, they KICKED US OFF THE PLANE"

When I stated that we would post this event online, we were told that this was a good idea in that it is Frontier Airlines "Policy" NOT to accommodate to anyones health concerns including and especially food allergy concerns.

While these accommodation cannot guarantee safety, they can help. Frontier's complete unwillingness to help us was nothing short of bigotry. I am not sure it was legal. I will find out.

In the meantime, BOYCOTT FRONTIER AIRLINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on: Wed, 08/13/2014 - 2:33am
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