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My husband went to school to have lunch with our son on Friday and was horrified to see that it was our son's week to be table cleaner! He was using a rag from a bucket that had been used earlier in the day and over many dirty tables. They also take turns being the floor monitor to pick up garbage from the floor. Needless to say, he won't be doing those jobs anymore. This never occurred to me as a possibility. Just when you think that they are really getting it!

On Nov 12, 2000

That is gross regardless of the allergy! How can they call it cleaning the table when it is dirty water and a dirty rag!

On Nov 14, 2000

Hi Pattyr! My son is a second grader and is also table washer, The other kids clear off the tables and Austin gets to spray the tables with a dienfectant whie the other kids wipe, He never touches the tables. He pretends hes "killing" the peanut germs. I know he isnt really, so please I dont need a lecture on this from anybody stay safe!

On Nov 14, 2000

PattyR, this is something that certainly wouldn't have crossed my mind when I send my son to school. However, tonight, the kid that lives next door to me was coming home late from school. He said that he had been appointed the "floor sweeper up" kid after school to-day for his classroom. I don't know, I guess nowadays in our cash strapped school systems, they do have kids doing different little jobs. I know that my son has had to be the chalk board cleaner kid and although I haven't spoken to the school about it because he did seem to enjoy it and it is a once a month thing or something, I wasn't too pleased because chalk dust and asthma don't go well together! I think you've brought up a really good point, especially for parents with kids that are older than mine, Jesse is in SK. They should be checking with their children to see if they are required to do any cleaning jobs at school and then decide if this is something they feel comfortable with or not. I know that the situation your child was in, mine wouldn't be in anymore either! Best wishes! [img][/img] Ah, you've got me started now! Actually, my son's classroom is supposed to be washed differently than the other classrooms, with bleach instead of whatever the custodial staff would normally use. You know, I have never asked them if they do bleach his room on a regular basis. I know it would be aired out enough by the next school day, otherwise that raises another asthma issue!

On Nov 15, 2000

using dirty rags and an old bucket of water is incredibly unsanitary! call the board of health, besides potential allergen contact, the viruses and germs that are being spread EVERYWHERE these kids eat is overwhelming!

cindy: just want to point out, my daughter is in a private school where we currently pay cough cough, $16,000 a year! (she is just in kindergarten). they are by no means cash strapped! the kids do all sorts of jobs like this and I for one think its great!

the other day she was playing with her dolls and tea set and i noticed she set out a COMPLETE service for 4 when settting her table for the imaginary guests! she certainly did not learn that from home (hanging my head in shame) since with our hectice schedules, kids, working, small kitchedn, etc. it is rare that we all sit down to a formal meal at one time!

she absolutely never lifts a finger at home, however, when i visisted her class recently to read a story, all the kids were cleaing up their area after eating apples that they just had for snacks.

they eat lunch in school (all the food is prepared by the school and its a nut free school thank goodness) at the same table with the same group of kids every day, 4 kids total at each table. each child takes turns being the table monitor for a week which entails setting the table (and leaving the re cess time a bit early to do this), getting the food for the table from the buffet area, pouring the milk/water (we insist that she only have water due to a mild dairy allergy and her incredible hatred of drinking milk). if you knew my daughter you would be amazed. she is rather tiny for her age, not very strong and completely UNWILLING to do any of these things at home! (unlike her 18 month old sister who is constantly throwing out the trash, picking up lint and going "yuckt", and wanting her hands wiped after getting the least bit of dirt on them LOL). basically my eldest is me (oscar) and my youngest is my husband (felix).

anyway, i am rambling but just want to say i think its great when little kids learn this stuff at school, afterall, academics is not the only thing they need to learn in order to have successful lives, careers and relationships with others.

On Nov 21, 2000

16,000 a year? For one child? I had no idea private school was so expensive.

On Nov 21, 2000

welcome to new york city!! LOL!!!

On Dec 6, 2000

Hi Patty, We had a similar problem one time. Christopher was collecting trays and taking them to the garbage. I had a fit. I told the school superintedant that I never wanted to see my child cleaning garbage up again. First of all the allergy was a big concern,but we have a janitor that is supposed to do that and why should we pay him to sit and watch the children do it.Believe me when I got done with the fit he never had garbage duty again. He has a weak stomach as it is and didn't need to look at other kids garbage. The spray bottle is an excellent idea though.

On Dec 6, 2000

Thanks for all your comments. I think the spray bottle is a good idea too but realistically, they won't use a new rag everytime. They use a bleach solution in the bucket. That doesn't bother me too much. I think that is how they do it at a lot of fast food restaurants. He won't be doing these jobs anymore, that is for sure! He is very careful to not touch the table and either eats out of his lunchbox or puts a napkin down as a placemat. Nuts are everywhere! I substitute teach at my children's school and cringe when they have snack in the classrooms. Kids are eating nuts or crackers with nuts while they are reading, touching the books, etc. It drives me crazy but I am not asking for a nut free environment at this point. I look forward to when snacks aren't a constant activity in their daily school lives. It seems like everywhere they go revolves around a snack. Can't kids go an hour without a snack? Even at church on Sunday morning they have a snack during a one hour Sunday school session. Then after the service, there is a coffee hour full of food! So before lunch they can basically have already had two snacks. Ugh!