Swimming Pools: what if the allergen is in the water?

Posted on: Sat, 06/30/2001 - 3:43am
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Our son had a reaction last summer at the swimming pool and we had never figured out what the cause was. This year, I think I have figured it out.

The swimming pool sells all sorts of foods in their snack bar that have peanuts and nuts and dairy and egg!! It could be that someone ate some or even ate something from home and then went into the pool and still had some on their hands, or threw some food into the pool, or I saw another child THROW UP in the pool and then it could be that when my son swallowed some pool water, that the reaction began because he may have swallowed something in the water. I saw a goldfish cracker in the pool yesterday.

Has anyone had any experiences at the pool? Am I crazy? I asked the Club to make their snack bar peanut and tree nut free yesterday. We'll see but I am going to PUSH this issue.

Posted on: Sat, 06/30/2001 - 9:30am
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There have been discussions on this topic before so I brought one of the links to the top for you in the Living with Allergies section. Thought it might help!

Posted on: Sat, 06/30/2001 - 10:52am
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All I can say is YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!!!!! I have found the pool scene to be quite disturbing allergy or no allergy due to the food factor. I don't understand why they let children eat WHATEVER they want WHEREVER they want at the pool. It's disgusting! The last time I was there with my two kids and my sister, we spent the entire time running away from two pieces of corn that were floating in the pool. Now, I wonder where that could have come from?!? I doubt that someone packed it in their child's lunch! Anyhow, we have decided to make our visits to the pool few and far between. And yes I was also concerned about the abundance of PB there. I guess it is the most convenient thing to pack for a child--just not our children.

Posted on: Sat, 06/30/2001 - 12:10pm
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AlwaysAvoidAnaphylaxis: I had spoke to my son's asthma/allergy Doctor
about this since he is going to camp. He was not too concerned about this. I guess anything is possible if someone swollows some water. Could he of had a reaction to the some suntan lotion??? What was his reaction???

Posted on: Sun, 07/01/2001 - 3:28pm
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He complained of itchy throat for about 20 mintues before we figured it out (never had that symptom before and we have learned a lot since then!!!) followed soon by itchy eyes and swollen white of eyes (chemosis) and hives all over lids spreading quickly all over his face, neck and trunk. Gave him oral benadryl at the hives on face portion because i noticed what was going on (he had been with my dad for the priof 30 minutes and my dad watches him like a hawk and swears that he did not have anything in his mouth that he saw). Because of the scratchy throat, we went straight to the ER (4 minutes away at Duke) and he was better by then so he was just observed. I refused systemic steroids. He improved and went home.
Thank GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on: Mon, 07/02/2001 - 12:42am
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Dear ALways, we had a similar experience when we took our son to swim at an indoor pool at a hotel. They had vending machines in the room too. after the swim he broke out in a hundred hives and benedryl helped. I was thinking it was from residue on a clothlike water slide.

Posted on: Tue, 07/03/2001 - 1:47pm
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My 14 month old son had just starting going to the public pool this summer. Our pool has a designated eating area. No food is allowed in or around the pool. This is a big help, but I still have problems keeping my son out of this area because he is so young.
However..I feel that there is always a risk no matter where we go. Anyone at anytime could be or could have been eating peanuts anywhere we go. That being said, I can't let this allergy rule my life. Yes I take precautions, and I'm very watchful is anyone is eating around my son, but I'm not going to let him miss out on summers at the pool because of it.
However, I understand that some public pools are a little "too public". Espcially if food is allowed in or around the pool.
I also think that banning peanut products from the pool area is extreme. We can't make the world a peanut free zone. Just be cautious and carry epi's.

Posted on: Tue, 07/03/2001 - 2:57pm
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Saw our pediatric allergist today and asked about it. He said the dilution factor is incredible and that he wouldn't think about it another second. Very unlikely.
Will enjoy the daily swimming lessons with the children much more now!!

Posted on: Thu, 07/05/2001 - 5:26am
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My daughter had a swollen eye and a very slight rash today at the pool. She also got very clingy (when she doesn't feel good she does this), and was somewhat lethargic. We gave her Benadryl, and she was fine. This was at our condo's pool! There were kids there eating peanut butter. A public pool is one thing, but was wondering anyone my think about banning this at our condo's pool. If she wasn't so much better after the Benadryl, then maybe I would have doubted the reaction -- we were swimming quite far away from them but using same handrails, etc. It still seems hard to believe.

Posted on: Mon, 07/23/2001 - 7:15am
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I believe all of you and am sorry about your children's reactions. It is all of the peanut poison they sell at the snack bar. We swam a lot at my mother's apartment pool when the kids were small. It was safe. If you are uncomfortable at public pools I would not go there. My son with the severe PA is on an elite level swim team and swims at least 9-10 times a week . He never has had a reaction from the water. We watch diligently what is going on on the deck though. Luckily there are no snack bars at swim practice but there are snacks brought from home. I have explained to all of the kids that their snack is a loaded gun to my son and that I hope and hope and hope that they would wait until practice is over to eat the peanut products. Most of the comply. Good Luck everyone and Let's all hang in there! Gennie

Posted on: Mon, 07/23/2001 - 7:56am
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My oh my what a timely topic.
Friday I was going into the baby pool area when my neighbor came over and told me not to let Philip in the pool as there were peanuts in the water. Thank you neighbor.
I looked and sure enough there were at least 200 beans and about half that many peanuts. So off to the pool manager I go explaining my son's allergy. I then see a lifeguard scooping the beans out of the pool. When she's done I go and check - she got the majority of the beans but not the peanuts. Bringing this to their attention I'm told the peanuts look so white in the water that they'll have to vacuum the pool to get them.
Okay, so I don't let Philip play in the baby pool, we have our lessons in the big pool and go home. I called the superintendent and informed him that the pool needed to be drained and cleaned and the reasons. We are talking a baby pool here - not a lot of water.
Today we go to swim lessons and while Philip's at his lesson I scope out the baby pool. The peanuts are still in the water. Not only did they NOT drain and clean the pool, they haven't even vacuumed it in days. The bean residue is still in the water so I know it's not a "new" occurence.
How gross and negligent does this have to get? Where were the parents when whatever child was creating his salad in the pool? It just seems as though so many parents don't take responsibility for their kids these days. I know I don't let my kids eat around the water and they certainly don't play with food in the water - what's up with this?! To say the least we will not be getting back in the baby pool this year. Only 4 more days of lessons and then we'll stick to visiting our neighbors pool.
So sad - if it hadn't been for my neighbor's alert we could have had a serious situation on our hands.


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