Suspension of First Amendment Free Speech Rights?

Posted on: Thu, 09/08/2005 - 12:00am
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One almost comical note - when I called to get information from the school and mentioned I would be calling the parent of the child having the first birthday party in my child's class - the office person burst out..."You *CAN'T ask her to change her snack. It has to be something her daughter likes!" umm...okay...whoa there, sweetpea. 1. I was calling to find out what the snack will be so that I can find an approximate equivalent to make - our rule is no food unless we serve it (our PA child is only 5) so our kid doesn't stand out so much from the others. [you know, if she is serving choc cake, I'll make our own and send a slice in with my daughter, etc.]
2. The school cannot tell me what I can and cannot say and to whom off of their school grounds. On their school grounds...maybe. MAYBE. Especially since I had the person's name and number independent of any school lists - I had it from knowing the lady outside of the school at dance class.

I just love how they feel like they can just control everything we do! Don't they wish!!
It was actually pretty funny in a sad way, and I outright ignored her comment.

Funny thing is - the actual parent I spoke to was nice, understanding and very knowledgeable about the allergy. Wish SHE worked in the office. LOL!!

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