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Hi! I'm new to this allergy thing. I suspect that my 17 month old son may have developed a peanut allergy. He has eaten peanut butter and numerous other things, I'm sure, with peanuts, peanut oil, etc. in them. Anyway, last week I had given him some of my daughter's Reese PB cereal and in a few minutes he had red blotches all over his face and around his eyes. It looked like hives and some of the blotches had raised bumps that were white and looked like little mosquito bites. I wasn't sure what was going on and didn't even think peanut allergy. I tried a few pieces of the cereal again the next day and the same thing happened. As quickly as the rash comes on, it goes away. I figured it was something in the cereal. He used to eat toast with PB everyday. Then we got on a cereal kick and maybe a month went by where he didn't eat PB. So, yesterday, I gave him some toast with PB on it and he had the rash again. Then it sunk in (thick skulled as I am!) that it must be the PB. I told my hubby, step-mom, daycare---anyone who would feed him anything, "NOTHING WITH PEANUTS!" until we get this figured out. Now I'm scared because I'm so uneducated on this matter. Do kids develop this later even after having eaten PB on a pretty regular basis?? Do the reactions get worse or are they always going to be just a rash? Any info you guys can give me wil be greatly appreciated. As I said, this is all new to me. My daughter (3 1/2 yrs.) was such an easy child. She was never really sick of anything! Thanks for your help and expertise, Jen

On Sep 20, 2003

First thing you have to know is that all food allergies are *unpredictable*. It's possible to have only a rash for years, and then become anaphylactic without warning. One reaction is not a prediction of what the next one will be.

Now that being said, it does look like a food allergy reaction for your child. So, welcome to the club, even though it's not a club where people *want* to be. We're a friendly bunch though.

Please remember your child is still a healthy child. My son is almost 6 now, and the peanut allergy has never landed us in trouble (yet). It can be controlled, although it seems easier to do if you're Canadian than if you're American. But your child is in good health, it's just that you have to consider all peanuts at the same level as rat poison. You don't keep rat poison near your kids, so don't keep PB.

On Sep 20, 2003

Hi there I'm in California and it is much harder here than in Canada(Love them all, they are great friends) Keep your child from peanuts and get them tested by a good doctor. A blood test is simple at this age ask for a nut panel asap. Stay tuned here and search the boards for questions it is all here..... Good luck we are all with you.

On Sep 20, 2003

Hi there! This definately looks like a peanut allergy to me. I would get to an allergist ASAP to get an epi-pen. You never know when a reaction could be anaphylactic and thus life threatening. Just make sure everyone knows to keep away from peanut traces as well as just the obvious peanut products. Take care [img][/img]

On Sep 20, 2003

Yes, it sounds like a PN allergy. My dd had a similar experience with her reactions. She was eating the PB regularly for a month or two and then had some eye itching, blotchiness, flushing. After several times, the last time being rather immediate and dramatic, but the same set of symptoms, I put it togther.

I took a similar course of action by looking up info about the allergy, realized it could be "bad", and removed all known sources of nuts from my dd's diet until our next ped. appt. He offerred RAST testing to confirm(as we already had realized an egg sensetivity as well). I would start there, as allergists can be backed up for months and this way you know and can get an epi-pen Rx. Welcome and sorry, BTW. becca

On Sep 22, 2003

Thank you all for your time and support. Here's an update....He goes tomorrow AM for them to draw blood for the RAST test. Along with peanuts, we are doing all nuts, milk, eggs, fish/shellfish and all the basics- dogs, cat, grass, etc. It will take a week to find out. I'm anxious to know! His pediatrician called in a script for and Epi-pen and we a set for a mishap. I am going to take his snack to daycare daily because I don't know what the others parents bring to share. I would rather he have fruit anyway. Thanks for your advice! I'll be a regular- I'm sure! Jen