Survey: Did/Do You Breastfeed?


I'm really interested because there is so much conflicting evidence. Breastfeeding helps reduce the chance of allergies/asthma, and then, what you eat can give your child allergies. My questions: Did/Do you nurse? If so, how long? When was your child's 1st Rxn? Was it anaphylactic? How many have they had in how long?

My answers...I do nurse, he's 13 months, he just had his 1st rxn, not anaphylactic, so far that's it.

My answers..

On Aug 2, 2004

My questions: Did/Do you nurse? "yes"

If so, how long? "Little A 6 months" Little V 9 months"

When was your child's 1st Rxn? "18 months"

Was it anaphylactic? I would venture to say yes because 2 or more body systems were affected,and ER trip: Treatment was Epi-pen with Iv,steroides

How many have they had in how long?

"I am assuming you are asking about anaphylactic. One other time Of course I at that time did not relize it was ana,I sure know better now!"

HTH Love this site Synthia

On Aug 2, 2004

I nursed Drew for about 15 months - thinking, as you said, it would reduce the risk of allergies, asthma, etc., and would help my baby be healthy. However, if had not been my first child, I would have noticed right off (I think) that something wasn't quite right. I remember him breaking out in hives around his mouth sometimes after I nursed him (I loved, loved, loved, pb and ate it quite often - I was clueless. I never remember reading anything about the risks). He was also quite fussy and spit up a lot. Looking back, I believe those were his first reactions.

However, when we finally realized (poor kid) that he was allergic was about 2 years of age - after a bite of pb&j (poooooor kid).

He is now 6 and has not had an anaphylatic reaction. He has had airborne and contact reactions, and we watch him quite closely. I feel like his reactions are building (as research indicates).

On Aug 2, 2004

I nursed for a year. Son had his first and only reaction at 16 months, but had PB at 14 months (no reaction).

The reaction was not anaphalytic. He has had no known reactions to anything since (this was almost a year ago).


On Aug 2, 2004

I nursed for 10 months. His first reaction was at 14 months and was not anaphylactic. He has had no reactions to peanuts since that time. He had reactions, however to my drinking milk (and perhaps other things) very early on. I supplemented with soy starting at around 6 months at the doctors suggestion because he wasnt gaining weight. If I was to do it again I dont think I would have.

On Aug 2, 2004

Did/Do you nurse? No

If so, how long? N/A

When was your child's 1st Rxn? 2 yrs old

Was it anaphylactic? No

How many have they had in how long? 1 contact reaction resulting in hives in 3 years

------------------ Lynee' Cade PA Carson NKA

On Aug 2, 2004

Nursed PA son for 2 1/2 years, at MD's urging, even though I thought at age 9 months he should try Alimentum or Nutramigen as he clearly wasn't doing well on breast milk. He reacted to pretty much everything I ate!

His first reaction was to a PB sandwich I was eating. He grabbed it and put it up to his mouth. Even though he didn't actually touch it to his lips, he developed a big red ring around them. He was about 15 months old. It was confirmed via skin test at 2 1/2 years. He has only had two ingestion reactions, both from cross contamination. Neither was anaphylactic. He has, however, had severe reactions from touch and smell.


On Aug 2, 2004

I just wanted to thank everyone that has replied so far!!! This is all new to me and it is really helpful to here peoples stories whether or not there is a correlation. I am a math/statistics head so I'm sure at some point I'll put this all together just to see if there are any trends. Thanks again

On Aug 2, 2004

Did/Do you nurse? Yes (never consumed any PN while pregnant or breastfeeding though I've never liked them)

If so, how long? 2 months

When was your child's 1st Rxn? 12 months

Was it anaphylactic? Yes, but not too severe

How many have they had in how long? 2 since 1st. 1 bad anaphylactic, 1 residue (we assume) contact rxn-hive only.

I breastfed my dd for 9 months, she has tested negative for PA, but has asthma and EA.

------------------ Tina Trevor age 2 -PA Harmony age 1 -Asthma, EA Trace Michael-born June 18, 2004!!

On Aug 2, 2004

Breastfed: PA son for 9 months non PA, Dairy Allergic DD for 24 months

Consumed PB toast daily with PA son when pregnant (part of the diabetic diet)& ate PB while breastfeeding.

Avoided PB with DD (non-pa)while pregnant & breastfeeding.

1st reaction @ 1 y/o. Not anaphylactic. Had 2 non anaphylactic reactions since then. He is now 8 1/2 years old.


On Aug 2, 2004

DS (PA, EA, multi FA) - nursed for 11 months - I was pn free while nursing. VERY atopic as a baby/toddler. Allergies dx'ed around 3 years old. Has had several ana reactions (tree nuts, allergy shots, meds, and a few mystery) but has never injested known pn. Has had airborn rx to pn several times - asthma and eyes swell shut so technically ana, but not severe or life threatening IMHO. Generally sickly, many other medical problems.

DD (*outgrew* [img][/img] PA, ana. to shellfish) - nursed peanut-free for 22 months. DX'ed at age 2 - skin prick test first known pn exposure. Did have minor hive contact reaction to confirm true allergy rather than a false positive. At age 4 skin prick test was very slightly positive after the test was technically over. RAST was negative. Eats peanut products without reaction. Very big, strong and healthy.

I did nurse DD twice as long as DS, but I have no idea how much that affected their physiology or how much is just luck of the draw.


On Aug 2, 2004

Did/Do you nurse? YES, BOTH SONS If so, how long? ABOUT 13-14 MONTHS EACH When was your child's 1st Rxn? AT AGE 6 Was it anaphylactic? NO How many have they had in how long? 2 IN 5 1/2 YEARS (KNOWN AT LEAST)

I do have to tell you I ate peanut butter with both and only one is pa so I don't really agree with the connection. BTW they both have asthma and my non pa son is very allergic to eggs. Who knows.

On Aug 3, 2004

[i]Did/Do you nurse?[/i] Yes, with all three sons

[i]If so, how long?[/i] Ds #1 - 12 months, no allergies Ds #2 - 8 months, FA, medication allergy, Insect sting allergy, many EA Ds #3 - 30 months, no allergies I ate peanut butter throughout all three pregnancies and while nursing the first two sons.

[i]When was your child's 1st Rxn?[/i] At seventeen months.

[i]Was it anaphylactic?[/i] Yes, but was not severe. Was not given Epinephrine, just Benadryl at the hospital.

[i]How many have they had in how long?[/i] One ana reaction to peanut, one ana reaction to eggs, one ana reaction (severe) to Ibuprofen.

There is speculation and we will be seeing a specialist to determine if Evan's allergies may be related to his weak immune system following bacterial meningitis.


On Aug 3, 2004

Oops, forgot to include in that that Evan has had those three reactions in five years and a bit. Two of the three reactions were before he was two and he is almost seven now.

On Aug 3, 2004

1st daughter - 14 months. She kind of weaned herself. No food allergies.

2nd daughter - Breastfeed 2 years. Had to stop because I became pregnant again. Doctor's strong recommendation on that. Severely nickel allergic but no food allergies.

3rd child (Ryan) - Breastfed 2 years. Again stopped because I became pregnant and doctor's recommendation for new baby. Terrible facial eczema, moderate body eczema, first hospital visit at 18 mos. for two days (asthma with "unknown" cause-- probably first major reaction in retrospect. Wasn't officially diagnosed until age 3 (at my urging).

4th child - Breastfed for 3 1/2 years. No food allergies, but I highly suspect he is nickel allergic.

All four children were exposed to peanuts via breastfeeding. Fourth child never actually ate/tried a peanut product because we found out about Ryan's PA when he was 5 months old.

On Aug 3, 2004

Yes I breastfed 12 and 13 months

We found out about Matthews Pa at 27 months when he had a peanut, wasen't anaphalatic, he had hives, facial swelling around eyes and mouth immediatly dh and sil gave benedryl and dh rushed to hospital. I didn't eat pb very often in pregnancy but when I ate chocolates while breastfeeding he broke out in eczema and had bad facial eczema until we found out about his allergy (from may contains)

Chris has seasonal but so far no signs of food allergy (2yrs) I craved reeses pb cups until we found out about Matthews allergy.

Baby # 3 due Jan 1, 2005 no pb or peanut products so far.

On Aug 3, 2004


Originally posted by judansmom: [b]I just wanted to thank everyone that has replied so far!!! This is all new to me and it is really helpful to here peoples stories whether or not there is a correlation. I am a math/statistics head so I'm sure at some point I'll put this all together just to see if there are any trends. Thanks again[/b]

will you be sampling a population anywhere else. I mean, could [i]where[/i] the sample is taken create [i]bias[/i]?

On Aug 3, 2004

or [i]how[/i] it's taken? I mean, do people sometimes withhold answering for one reason or another?

If I get a chance would you like me to reraise some of the [i]*discussions*[/i] regarding BF-ing?

On Aug 3, 2004


With Maya (PA) I nursed for a year. Lily is 8 months and I am still nursing..NKA

First reaction was just before age 2. It was not her first exposure to peanuts...I ate PB sandwiches nearly every day while nursing her...and then DH's aunt gave her a taste of PB at 8 months while she was babysitting (ggrrr...)

no...It was a just a rash around her mouth.

Lets see...She had that first reaction to a PBJ sandwich...then she had a reaction to a blueberry pie a couple months later (X-contam.) then last year when she was a little over 3 I gave her a PB sandwich with no reaction (bad allergist advice) I thought she had outgrown the allergy so the next week I gave her a peanut and she want into anaphylactic shock. So that puts 3 reactions in a year and a half. She has been reaction free for 10 months.


On Aug 3, 2004

I breast-fed DS for 10 1/2 months, his first reaction was at 13 months, a few hives around his mouth to PB.

Since then he has had 4 reactions, 3 of which were anaphylactic.

On Aug 3, 2004

I breastfed ds until he was a year old, his first reaction was at 11 and half months and I would consider it anaphaltic as he had 2 systems involved and needed to go to the ER by ambulance. Knock on wood, no further known reactions to peanuts. He has had hive reactions to other things though....

On Aug 3, 2004

[b] Did/Do you nurse? Yes/did If so, how long? 10-12 weeks with each child (2 children) When was your child's 1st Rxn? (1 PA son, 12 months when reaction occured 3.5 years old now, 1 daughter currently 7 mon old, no idea if she is PA or not) Was it anaphylactic? No. Hives only. How many have they had in how long? One only. The same one at 12 months. [/b][/quote]

On Aug 3, 2004

I wasn't able to breast feed, didn't feel too great after delivery.

My son's 1st reaction was at 1 yr when we gave him milk. He has had 3 add'l minor reactions to milk/milk products, and 2 minor mystery reactions. He's never had an anaphylactic reaction.

------------------ Meg, mom to: Matt 2 yrs. PA,MA,EA Sean 2 yrs. NKA

On Aug 3, 2004

For more information, you may want to do a search regarding this. I remember a while back trying to analyze stuff exactly like this to come up with some sort of logical explanation. LOL

[b]Did/Do you nurse?[/b] Yes, all 3 of my boys

[b]If so, how long?[/b] 13-14 months for each one

[b]When was your child's 1st Rxn?[/b] First born, 17 months

[b]Was it anaphylactic?[/b] No

[b]How many have they had in how long?[/b] Never had an anaphylactic reaction. Had his one and only (knock on wood) reaction at 17 months. Hives around mouth and swelling of half of lower lip. Hives and swelling disappeared within 10 minutes on its own (no medication). He will be 6 in November.

On Aug 3, 2004

I did nurse for a few weeks only. My PA son had gastric reflux, so we put him on a formula called Alimentum. It was easier to digest.

His first reaction was at 12 months old. Not ana, and resolved with just benedryl. He has had no reactions since, but we are VERY careful. He is now 23 months old.

He has eczema at times also.

On Aug 3, 2004

NO I did not breastfeed any of the 3 kids. I only have one with food allergies and that is my oldest and he is Chris at 18 years now. Been dealing with it since he was nine months. some tough times but mostly totally perfect. Yes I lived on peanut butter when i was pregnant. That was the only food i kept down for 9 months. Not sure if it had anything to do with it but will always feel a bit of wonder there. Good luck to you. claire

On Aug 3, 2004

WOW, thank you to everyone again!! I hope others are finding this as helpful as I am. So far I'm not seeing any pattern and that's probably a good thing, less emotion surrounding what we may have done right or wrong. It is also comforting to me to hear so many diff. knids of experiences, At first I was convinced that Judan was doomed to have a near death experience. I will always be prepared but won't be expecting it around every corner. I'm expecting another child in 2 months and so I'm really benefitting from reading about experiences with multiple children. I hope this keeps going.

On Aug 4, 2004

Did you nurse?- Yes, I nursed dd for 15 months.

When was your child's 1st Rxn?- Just before her 2nd birthday, when I gave her a piece of PB toast to taste.

Was it anaphylactic?- No.

How many have they had in how long?- She has had 2 reactions, within 2 weeks of each other. At that point we were given the epipen, and we have since watched her quite closely. She is 2 1/2 now.

On Aug 4, 2004

Did/Do you nurse? -yes and yes

If so, how long? -non pa ds - 23 months -pa dd - 21 months and counting

When was your child's 1st Rxn? -14 months old

Was it anaphylactic? -no, hives, redness, slight swelling

How many have they had in how long? -3 similar reactions, all at 14 months old, then we took her to an allergist and had her tested, 2 mild reactions since, but don't know for sure if peanut related, only used benedryl

On Aug 4, 2004

No I did not breastfeed either child

My daughter's first reaction was at 15 months old

She has had 2 reactions since

No anaphalactic reactions

On Aug 4, 2004

Did/Do you nurse? Yes If so, how long? untill dd was 16 mo old When was your child's 1st Rxn? 16 mo 1wk Was it anaphylactic? yes How many have they had in how long? 3 reactions in 8 1/2 mo


On Aug 4, 2004

I nursed my PA dd for 21 months. She was refusing cow's milk, and I had figured out she was sensetive to that at 9 months. I figured I was better off not pushing it.

First obvious peanut reaction was at around 18 months, but she had been eating PB for a month or so regularly. Not anaphylactic.

I consumed lots of PN and PB during pregnancy and nursing. I am thinking she had alot of redness around her eyes sometimes and itching and rubbing of her eyes. This is the first sign of any reactions she had when eating PB, but it took me awhile to figure it out with a more intense reaction. No reactions since we fugured it out(she is now almost 5).

She also has egg allergy.

I am nursing almost 7 month old ds now. Avoiding PN, TN, dairy, soy, shellfish. I have just reintroduced some cheese and milk gradually into my diet and he seems fine with it, yeah! Less uptight with the soy now. I supplement with alimentum. I will likely wean at a year. I am overweight and need my skim milk and yogurt and shrimp to help me diet.


On Aug 7, 2004

Did/Do you nurse? I she had breastmilk

If so, how long? 3 months. She had both formula & breastmilk during that time.

When was your child's 1st Rxn? 20 months old

Was it anaphylactic? Yes.

How many have they had in how long? She had the one anaphylactic reaction at 20 months and none since (she is now 4 years and 2 months old)

On Aug 10, 2004

Did/Do you nurse? Yes

If so, how long? PA daughter turns one this month and we're still nursing [img][/img]

When was your child's 1st Rxn? No known reaction and no known direct exposure. She gets hives periodically but cause is not clear. I ate peanuts while pg and while bfing (the first 6 months) b/c I didn't know any better. Maybe that caused her hives but we don't know. She rarely has hives the last few months and I've stopped eating all nuts and may contains - connected or not, who knows?

Was it anaphylactic? N/A How many have they had in how long? N/A

On Aug 10, 2004

Yes i breast feed as much as posible but he also got formula. I was only able to breast feed for the first 5 weeks if that.

Does it not seem like the majority of us BF, I was once told that BF would make my baby healthier & that it would help prevent allergies.

I have since been told that is not so that recent studies indicate that if the antibodies they are getting are not good that bf is likely no the best option.

So I think next time I with formula feed.

On Aug 11, 2004


Originally posted by judansmom: [B]My questions: Did/Do you nurse? If so, how long? When was your child's 1st Rxn? Was it anaphylactic? How many have they had in how long? B]

Nursed 1st child 2 years. He has no food allergies, though multiple seasonal allergies. Nurse 2nd child 1 month less than 2 years. He has peanut and watermelon allergies.

First reaction at age 14 months when he sample some PB. Hives over face plus hives where crumbs dropped. Hasn't had a peanut exposure since as far as we know.

He has eaten watermelon for a few years, but this spring he started getting hives from watermelon; the final time he had hives all over his torso and "Mommy, my throat feels funny" so no more watermelon for him.

------------------ Jean ** son allergic to peanut and watermelon**

On Aug 11, 2004

I forgot to mention that I ate lots of Reese's peanut butter cups while nursing my PA son. Connection? Who knows. Irrelevant at this point for us anyway.

On Aug 11, 2004

I nursed my PA DS for...please don't scream..24 mths. He was always so sick that weaning him was extremely difficult. I nursed my 10 yr and 3 yr old DD for a 1 year.

I hate peanut butter sandwiches religiously, extremely ignorant to the possible consequences. But, my daughter's are not allergic to any foods, just my son. My son also hated foods, especially baby food. He was 22 lbs at 3 mths old so the lack of food was not hurting him. The doctor's said that when he was ready he would eat it. I say that god made him plump to prepare his body for all of the sickness that he endured.

He also had chronic ear infections and is on his fifth set of tubes in his ears so please tell me why nursing didn't help him. [img][/img] All three kids have had tonsils/adenoids removed due to allergies so even though I am 100% for nursing, it is not because it reduces ear infections, sickness, and allergies.

------------------ Renee asthma/EnA Quinton: PA/TNA/Soy/EnA/Severe Asthma/whole egg/onion/cocoa bean/chicken/turkey/string beans/potato Mykiaja: EnA/asthma Taylor: EnA/asthma

On Aug 12, 2004


I'm not screaming, I'm PRAISING! Breastfeeding is a wonderful thing.

On Aug 12, 2004

How Long Did I Breastfeed? 2 years

First Reaction? 9 months (after which I consumed no more peanut products while nursing him)

How many reactions since? three (two to peanut and one to almond)


On Aug 12, 2004


Originally posted by judansmom: [b]I'm really interested because there is so much conflicting evidence. Breastfeeding helps reduce the chance of allergies/asthma, and then, what you eat can give your child allergies. My questions: Did/Do you nurse? If so, how long? When was your child's 1st Rxn? Was it anaphylactic? How many have they had in how long? [/b]

You want answers, here's OUR situation:

We did not nurse our NKA girls (Sara/Meghan Caitlin was nursed for 9 months of eczema hell. We weaned to neocate, and cleared up IMMEDIATELY. First reaction to what? Peanuts? Never, that we are aware of. Ho many reactions has she had? to what? Just reactions is moot. Shes had plenty. Anaphylactic? I dunno... She's had 2 systemic meltdowns to foods.

So in OUR situation, all things being equal (and that NEVER happens) BF did NOT help the avoidance of allergies.

Or maybe if we had formula fed, things would be worse... And therefore it help...

I cant figure out the past... Suffice it to say, that if we had a 4th baby (maybe with the mailman...), we'd be FF from day 1.

Again, suffice it to say, given OUR situation, I am not anti-BF.. just 'for' formula feeding.

Again, I am JUST answering your questions with OUR situation.

Jason Caitlin 4-17-00 Allergic to Dairy, Egg, Wheat, Bananas, Grapes, Rye, Sesame, Beef, Garlic, Mustard, Onion, Peas and Avoiding Latex and all Nuts Sara 2-13-98 NKA (Avoiding Nuts) Meghan 2-28-03 NKA (Avoiding Nuts) [url=""][/url]

On Aug 12, 2004

Did/Do you nurse? Yes

If so, how long? 6 months

When was your child's 1st Rxn? At first bottle of formula (2 oz!) Although DS had eczema while I breastfed - which his pediatrician didn't diagnosed as a food allergy. I ate most everything including pecans and peanut butter while pregnant and breastfeeding. Also had gestational diabetes.

Was it anaphylactic? Yes

How many have they had in how long? Just that once. DS is now 22 months old.

I would be VERY interested in seeing a summary of all these stats!!!!!

On Aug 12, 2004

Forgot to mention in my reply - I had to use progesterone supplements (prometrium)during the first trimester. They contain peanuts. Just curious if there might be any kind of link between prometrium use during pregnancy and PA (especially since the dr had me stick the capsules "up there" so the drug would be delivered as close to the uterus as possible).

On Aug 13, 2004

I think it would also be interesting to know if people supplemented and when solid foods (and what they were) were started.

My first child started supplementing from birth. I used to go through one can of formula about every two weeks. Then I fed her baby cereal at four months for a month, then started on fruits the following month, veggies, and more. Milk was started at one year. She obviously had some type of food intolerance at the time because she would spit up a lot! I thought this was normal due to my ignorance since she was my first child.

Second daughter was exclusively breastfed for 5 months with same foods introduced. A little juice in a sippy cup added at 9 mos. if I was out and didn't have extra breastmilk pumped.

Third child Ryan was actually born with "spots." The doctor thought he had a blood infection. I realize what is was now--peanut products that I ate so many of in the four weeks before his birth. He was born the first week of November so I had plenty of Halloween candy (Reese's!) to munch on. BF didn't cause it, he was born PA. He followed the same feeding as my daughter.

Fourth child was also exclusively breastfed and wasn't introduced to any solids until 6 months. He was growing like a weed with nice chunky thighs that he certainly didn't need solids until that time anyway.

I never introduced milk products until one year, nor egg. Peanuts and peanut butter I thought were choking hazards so I didn't knowingly give them PB until they were over 2.

On Aug 13, 2004


Originally posted by ryan's mom: [b]I think it would also be interesting to know if people supplemented and when solid foods (and what they were) were started. [/b]

Per my earlier post, A.J. was breastfed for two years. He never had any formula because I made enough milk to feed quads (I am not even joking)! He began eating mashed sweet potatos and other veggies at 6 months. We tried that cereal too at six months but he wasn't a fan.

He has never been sick other than the occasional sniffle. I do attribute this to breastfeeding. I also wonder how much worse his allergies might have been had I not breastfed.

On Aug 13, 2004

I breast fed my PA son for 11 months

He was 18 months when he had his first reaction from a small bite of pb&j sandwich

Yes it was anaphylactic...he stopped breathing on the way to the husband gave him mouth to mouth...we had no idea what was wrong. No food allergies in either family

Has not had any incidents since...knock on wood!!!

Second child I am still breast feeding and she has had no exposure to any nut products!!

On Aug 13, 2004

Did I nurse? Yes, all 4 kids. BF 1st child 6 months with formula supplements.Started cerael at 8 weeks because I was desparate for sleep and my mom assured me that she should have food to help her sleep through the night. NKFA, moderate exczema

BF 2nd child 1 year with occasional supplements of formula.Started cerael at 5 months. NKFA, severe exczema, developed asthma at 9 years of age.

BF 3rd child for 13 months and stopped due to pregnancy and problems with preterm labor.No formula supplements and started cerael at about 6 months. Asthma as a young toddler, 3 years on nebulizer. Has since outgrown. Moderate exczema, NKFA.

BF 4th child for about 2 and a half years. She is PA, TNA and Sesame allergic. She has outgrown egg allergy. She never had formula. ( well, maybe a little bit as an infant because she was 9 weeks premature and I did not have enough milk to give her the first few days.) No cerael until 8 months. She has her first reaction to peanuts when I gave her a piece of a peanut butter cookie at 12 months. She had hives around the mouth. Being completely ignorant to PA, I gave her another one about a week later and she had the same reaction. She really has not has a reaction to speak of since then. She recently turned 7. I did decide that I would go on a high protein diet when she was about 8 months old. I consumed a lot of nuts as a snack and will probably always feel somewhat guilty about her allergies.

My feeling is that there is no rhyme or reson to PA. Some were breastfed, some were not. Some were premies, some were not. There is not a higher ratio of boys or girls. We even know of identical twins with one having the allergy, the other not. I think it is only natural that we try and seek " the answer" as to ahy they have it.

Good luck with your research. I enjoy reading everyones stories.


On Aug 14, 2004

Nursed all 3 children for 5 months. Youngest has PA. He would have terrible eczema some days as an infant and the next day he was fine. Now I clearly know it was the peanut butter sandwiches I would have for lunch with my other children. You can imagine how I felt when I figured this one out!

First reaction at 6 months - was touched by peanut butter fingers of older brother. Was a head to toe rash.

Since then - no reactions - he tests very high and we have been very, very careful. He is now 9 and 1/2.

Hope this helps.

On Aug 15, 2004

breast fed all my four children. William was fed for 18 months. a day after birth had spots - b strep infection, which , thankfully was mild and cured with antibiotics. day 10 after birth , dry skin, day 15 , eczema all over. I did not eat peanuts, but did eat lots of eggs and stir frys and curries, high in pulses, like chick pea and lentils.

Will was difficult to feed , often arching his back away from breast, which I now can pin point to meals of egg on toast or baked beans, can clearly remember one incident of hungry furious baby rejecting breast after a glass of wine. I think william was exposed to peanuts and legumes through his skin, there has been a study done by dr g lack. My family and hubby often (used to!)eat peanuts as they passed the baby around etc. hubby loved bags of peanuts while watching football. Its worth remebering if you have a another baby with ezcema to avoid such exposure.

my other children where fed for 12 months/14 months, and the last for 2 1/2 yrs. Williams eczema improved after i stopped breast feeding him, but his overall food intake , calorie wise , dropped, and of course, he became prey to any infection going around. Even so , looking at his baby records, he had continual infections every month that needed antibiotics, which is bad when I compare that one of my children has never had them, one has had them twice, and the other 3 times.

Good thread sarah

On Aug 16, 2004

If okay, I'll answer the breastfeeding part for both children, one PA and one non-PA.

Did/Do you nurse?

My PA son I nursed until he was 5 months old. I did not eat pb during this time and consumption of peanut products themselves would have been limited.

My non-PA daughter I nursed for a mere three weeks.

If so, how long?

Sorry, answered above.

When was your child's 1st Rxn?

18 months of age.

Was it anaphylactic?

In re-examining it through the years, yes, quite possibly, although not assessed as such or recognized as such until much later.

How many have they had in how long?

5 reactions. 18 months of age. 2-1/2 years of age - anaphylactic. 3-1/4 years of age - anaphylactic, almost died. A couple of years ago, March break, two hive only reaction to cross-contamination. 1-1/2 years ago, just turned 7 years of age, anaphylactic, halted itself.

Best wishes! [img][/img]

On Aug 16, 2004


Old thread, old answers, but thought it might help.

Best wishes! [img][/img]