Survey: Did/Do You Breastfeed?

Posted on: Mon, 08/02/2004 - 4:00am
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I'm really interested because there is so much conflicting evidence. Breastfeeding helps reduce the chance of allergies/asthma,
and then, what you eat can give your child allergies.
My questions:
Did/Do you nurse?
If so, how long?
When was your child's 1st Rxn?
Was it anaphylactic?
How many have they had in how long?

My answers...I do nurse, he's 13 months, he just had his 1st rxn, not anaphylactic, so far that's it.

My answers..

Posted on: Mon, 08/02/2004 - 4:23am
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My questions:
Did/Do you nurse? "yes"
If so, how long? "Little A 6 months" Little V 9 months"
When was your child's 1st Rxn? "18 months"
Was it anaphylactic? I would venture to say yes because 2 or more body systems were affected,and ER trip: Treatment was Epi-pen with Iv,steroides
How many have they had in how long?
"I am assuming you are asking about anaphylactic.
One other time Of course I at that time did not relize it was ana,I sure know better now!"
Love this site

Posted on: Mon, 08/02/2004 - 5:27am
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I nursed Drew for about 15 months - thinking, as you said, it would reduce the risk of allergies, asthma, etc., and would help my baby be healthy. However, if had not been my first child, I would have noticed right off (I think) that something wasn't quite right. I remember him breaking out in hives around his mouth sometimes after I nursed him (I loved, loved, loved, pb and ate it quite often - I was clueless. I never remember reading anything about the risks). He was also quite fussy and spit up a lot. Looking back, I believe those were his first reactions.
However, when we finally realized (poor kid) that he was allergic was about 2 years of age - after a bite of pb&j (poooooor kid).
He is now 6 and has not had an anaphylatic reaction. He has had airborne and contact reactions, and we watch him quite closely. I feel like his reactions are building (as research indicates).

Posted on: Mon, 08/02/2004 - 5:54am
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I nursed for a year. Son had his first and only reaction at 16 months, but had PB at 14 months (no reaction).
The reaction was not anaphalytic. He has had no known reactions to anything since (this was almost a year ago).

Posted on: Mon, 08/02/2004 - 6:12am
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I nursed for 10 months. His first reaction was at 14 months and was not anaphylactic. He has had no reactions to peanuts since that time. He had reactions, however to my drinking milk (and perhaps other things) very early on. I supplemented with soy starting at around 6 months at the doctors suggestion because he wasnt gaining weight. If I was to do it again I dont think I would have.

Posted on: Mon, 08/02/2004 - 6:40am
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Did/Do you nurse? No
If so, how long? N/A
When was your child's 1st Rxn? 2 yrs old
Was it anaphylactic? No
How many have they had in how long? 1 contact reaction resulting in hives in 3 years
Cade PA
Carson NKA

Posted on: Mon, 08/02/2004 - 7:26am
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Nursed PA son for 2 1/2 years, at MD's urging, even though I thought at age 9 months he should try Alimentum or Nutramigen as he clearly wasn't doing well on breast milk. He reacted to pretty much everything I ate!
His first reaction was to a PB sandwich I was eating. He grabbed it and put it up to his mouth. Even though he didn't actually touch it to his lips, he developed a big red ring around them. He was about 15 months old. It was confirmed via skin test at 2 1/2 years. He has only had two ingestion reactions, both from cross contamination. Neither was anaphylactic. He has, however, had severe reactions from touch and smell.

Posted on: Mon, 08/02/2004 - 7:43am
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I just wanted to thank everyone that has replied so far!!! This is all new to me and it is really helpful to here peoples stories whether or not there is a correlation.
I am a math/statistics head so I'm sure at some point I'll put this all together just to see if there are any trends.
Thanks again

Posted on: Mon, 08/02/2004 - 11:24am
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Did/Do you nurse? Yes (never consumed any PN while pregnant or breastfeeding though I've never liked them)
If so, how long? 2 months
When was your child's 1st Rxn? 12 months
Was it anaphylactic? Yes, but not too severe
How many have they had in how long? 2 since 1st. 1 bad anaphylactic, 1 residue (we assume) contact rxn-hive only.
I breastfed my dd for 9 months, she has tested negative for PA, but has asthma and EA.
Trevor age 2 -PA
Harmony age 1 -Asthma, EA
Trace Michael-born June 18, 2004!!

Posted on: Mon, 08/02/2004 - 12:59pm
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Breastfed: PA son for 9 months
non PA, Dairy Allergic DD for 24 months
Consumed PB toast daily with PA son when pregnant (part of the diabetic diet)& ate PB while breastfeeding.
Avoided PB with DD (non-pa)while pregnant & breastfeeding.
1st reaction @ 1 y/o. Not anaphylactic. Had 2 non anaphylactic reactions since then. He is now 8 1/2 years old.

Posted on: Mon, 08/02/2004 - 1:12pm
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DS (PA, EA, multi FA) - nursed for 11 months - I was pn free while nursing. VERY atopic as a baby/toddler. Allergies dx'ed around 3 years old. Has had several ana reactions (tree nuts, allergy shots, meds, and a few mystery) but has never injested known pn. Has had airborn rx to pn several times - asthma and eyes swell shut so technically ana, but not severe or life threatening IMHO. Generally sickly, many other medical problems.
DD (*outgrew* [img][/img] PA, ana. to shellfish) - nursed peanut-free for 22 months. DX'ed at age 2 - skin prick test first known pn exposure. Did have minor hive contact reaction to confirm true allergy rather than a false positive. At age 4 skin prick test was very slightly positive after the test was technically over. RAST was negative. Eats peanut products without reaction. Very big, strong and healthy.
I did nurse DD twice as long as DS, but I have no idea how much that affected their physiology or how much is just luck of the draw.


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