Surgery for tonsils and adnoids

Posted on: Mon, 10/28/2002 - 3:40pm
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Hello all,
My PA daughter is 7 now and she has abnormally large tonsils and adnoids. We have decided to finally have them removed before she gets any older.
My question is has anyone else had any surgeries with their PA child and are there any things I should be looking for. I have told the doctor so far to please make sure nobody has eaten PB before my daughters surgery, it is the first or second in the morning. I am hoping this helps her breathe better, she suffers horribly from sleep apnea and has alot of problems with breathing when seasonal allergies are bothering her.
I am also very worried about the whole process being she has alot of problems with being sick, not a fun thing.
Just wanted to get a little advice.. Thank you all

Posted on: Mon, 10/28/2002 - 8:08pm
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momof4, Chris had his removed when he was 3. It was one of the best things i ever did. He seemed to be less sick and the allergy thing was not a problem. I think your handling it right just by letting them know about it.One thing I always do when Chris has any surgery is ask his regular DR. what should be avoided as far a medications they may use on this surgery. He will always get in touch with the surgeon and discuss the case and get back to me. It always works out best because both doctors talk the same lingo and if i am missing something he will aware me of it.
My 2 child had hers out and she stopped snoring. she used to wake the house up she snored so loud.
I think you will find out that having them removed is great.
Make sure you have alot of freeze pops when you get home. However Christopher had no pain at all. My daughter had the pain.
Another thing is to bring an extra shirt for yourself. Some kids vomit from anesthesia and that can make for a long day when it sets on you. Good luck to you all. let us know how you make out. claire

Posted on: Mon, 10/28/2002 - 11:36pm
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my son had jaw surgery this past july. he was in the hospital for 3 days. the put a red alert bracelet on his wrist stating he had allergies and they also had a poster outside on his door and behind his bed stating that he was allergic to peanuts and eggs. i did however bring my own food such as pudding, yogurt, and soup. i didn't feel comfortable with the food that came from the caf.

Posted on: Mon, 10/28/2002 - 11:44pm
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I am an ENT nurse and it is not a fun surg. you will not like her doctor for the 10 days after surg. but medication should handle
the pain. i would tell the nurse when you check in the day of surg and tell everyone you talk with on the day of the surg (anesthesia, your doctor etc.. to remind them) good luck let us know how she does.

Posted on: Wed, 10/30/2002 - 3:00pm
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Mom of 4,
Been there done that and will be doing it again. lol
My pa child had his tonsils out at 3 years old too. He has had tubes placed in his ears three times now.
My now 3 year old had tubes put into his ears about a 1 to a 1 1/2 years ago.
My now 11 year old has had tubes in his ears twice and will now be going and getting his tonsils out on the 11th of November and getting tubes in his ears also.
Ask to speak to the doctors before hand and to the anesthesia department before hand to go over procedures. If you are worried don't wait until the day of surgery for it.
I spoke with them before my pa sons surgery and stressed all of his allerigies that he has.
I asked the boys doctor why they get so many ear infections, he told me they have "my" bad genes, because they are not around smoke or anything harmful to their ears.
Hope this helps,
Renee [img][/img]
ps: I also stressed when we were at the hospital to every single hospital staff personnel that we came in contact with about Drew's allergies. I over saw everything except for the operating room. We made everyone very contientious about the allergies.
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Posted on: Wed, 10/30/2002 - 9:26pm
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My DS was in the hospital for a peanut reaction and the next day when they brought his tray for breakfast it was full of dangerous items. He has a nut and egg allergy. On his tray they brought Honey Nut Cheerios (NO KIDDING), a muffin containing (I can only imagine), and scrambled eggs. I couldn't believe it!! My only advice is to really stay on top of what comes from the cafeteria. They brought these things after getting a hand delivered slip stating his allergies!!!

Posted on: Thu, 10/31/2002 - 2:26am
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Talking with the anesthesia ahead of time is great and I assume that you have already told the doctor about hte peanut allergy, BUT
tell everyone about it the day of the surg. because you do not know who be on that day (as far as nurses & maybe even who you get for anesthesia)It will fresh in evdryones mind!!

Posted on: Thu, 10/31/2002 - 2:29am
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Quote:Originally posted by esmom:
Talking with the anesthesia ahead of time is great and I assume that you have already told the doctor about the peanut allergy, BUT
tell everyone about it the day of the surg. because you do not know who be on that day (as far as nurses & maybe even who you get for anesthesia)It will fresh in everyones mind!! [/b]

Posted on: Fri, 11/01/2002 - 1:42pm
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Thank you all for your replies. I did talk to the staff about the allergies. When I filled out the papers for pre-op I borrowed one of their highlighters and wrote life threatening peanut allergy at top and bottom of the chart and highlighted it all. I called the hospital three times to remind them all of the allergy and called the doctors office to remind them there too. I will again do so on monday and I am sure they will get it, they are dealing with me to top it off [img][/img] I also do get to stay with her until she is asleep and will be right beside her before she is awake. So at least that will be nice. I have noted to pack extra clothing for myself too(thank you much for that information). I also talked to them about calling in the pain meds to the pharmacy so we can drive through on the way home, which they have agreed to do for me. I am cutting pictures out of foods she will be allowed to have and putting them on her wall next to her head so she can point to what she wants and also one for the bathroom so she can point. I have bought her a dry erase board and markers so she can have fun writing what she can. Plus she has many gifts from all my family in washington state to open as she feels better and we have several for her too. Plus she gets a new art kit since she loves making things(this will help keep her still). Only thing left is to borrow a baby gate for her door to keep it open and keep the baby out so she doesn't get hurt. I will let you all know how she is. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!
Cindy(saphyre's mommy)

Posted on: Fri, 11/08/2002 - 7:42am
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Thanks for all the info. My little v is 31/2yo and has to see a ENT to get her tonsils out to promble adnoids to scared to. Never thought of the change of clothes. Hows the little tike doing? synthia

Posted on: Sun, 11/10/2002 - 2:27pm
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Hello all,
Saphyre did have the surgery on monday..didn't know that they couldn't use the normal anesthisa since she has egg allergy. They said they had to use something stronger(will find out what again next week, forgot the name) because of hte egg allergy. Anyhow, she was okay for a day, then started throwing up and not drinking or getting any meds in her. Two days later, she was drinking better, and taking some meds. Yesterday she started throwing up again, gave her a suppository which fixed it. She also has been crying alot the last few days in pain...finally willing to take some pain meds. She refused for two days, I didn't feel good about forcing it down her throat like you do with a baby. Since she had been throwing up. Anyhow, she is better today, got both doses of anitbiotics in her. Drinking more and trying to eat finally, but will make her stay home this week also, she is pretty weak. She sure got me scared with all her problems this week. I had to go on a few walks around my neighborhood from being upset she was fighting me on taking meds. Hubby got to stay with the kids while i tried to calm down and unwind. It would take me 45 minutes of begging her to take the meds before she would finally do it. Normally I wouldn't play that game, but worried about forcing her since she gets upset so easy. Thank you all so much for your replies. It really helps knowing people are there. Hope this also helps others if they go through it too.


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