Support groups in Corpus Christi (South) Texas??

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Updated on son is 5 years old and has a severe peanut allergy. Anyone else in my area?!? (I know you're out there somewhere!! :-) )I attempted to start a group a couple years ago, passing out flyers to Pediatric Allergist's and so forth but never received any calls!!!



By telg1980 on Feb 14, 2011

Well we can be a group of two lol!! Ive tried the whole support group thing here and didnt have any luck. I know there are parents of toddlers with peanut allergies here, but unfortunatly I dont think some of them understand the severity of it!!

So where are you guys moving here from??

By jupitergrrl on Feb 12, 2011

We are moving to Corpus Christi in a few months and I would love to join a group! My 3 yr old is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, egg and soy. And is anaphalactic to the peanut and egg.