Support Group in St. Louis


My 14 month old son was recently diagnosed with PA and may have other food allergies as well, he will be going to a allergist next week. My pediatrician referred me to this site and mentioned that there was a support group in the St. Louis area....could someone send me the info, i.e. when and where etc... Thanks!

------------------ Melissa

On May 3, 2006

I am trying to find out if there is still a support group in the st louis area; my 14 month old DS was diagnosed last week with PA. Please contact me with any information.

Thanks, Michelle

On May 3, 2006

Hi Michelle, i don't know of a support group in the area but i do have a 4 year old son with PA and i do live in st.louis, close to Grants farm area. If you have any questions or just want to talk. Theresa

Email: [email][/email]

On May 3, 2006

I am also in St. Louis (Brentwood) and have a 2.5 year old DD with PA, TNA and EA. I've been looking for a support group also with no luck. I'd love to know if you find one.

On May 4, 2006

so where do you all eat out at in the area? we take our PA son to McDonnalds, Taco Bell, Lion's Choice and we have also been to Rich and Charlies, we do avoid the bread there.


On May 5, 2006

Hi. I live in U. City and would love to get together and talk with you re: our children and their FA. If you guys would like to get together for a playdate, you are welcome at our house (now peanut/nut free). My email is [email][/email]. I hope to hear from you.

On May 24, 2006

Hi all, just wondering how you all were and if anyone got together yet? I would love to email talk with you all about your PA experience's. i am always trying to find safe places to eat out at that others have found to be safe. Theresa

On Feb 8, 2007

I know this thread is a bit older, hope you St. Louis folks are still out there. We're in Webster Groves. I have a 6-year-old with multiple life-threatening food allergies as well as a nine-year-old who appears to be gluten-intolerant. I'd be interested in communicating with other local allergy families, especially for support and coordinating food-free activities for the kids. This is something that I'm obsessing about lately, I'm wanting a break from the anxiety of participating in "normal" allergen-riddled events, both for me and my allergic one.


On Feb 8, 2007

Hi Laura,

I live in the Affton area, near Grants Farm and have a 5year old with a peanut allergy. He will be starting school in september and of course i am really worried about that and how the school is going to be with his allergies. If you would like to talk, you can email me at [email][/email]

On Feb 15, 2007

I meant to respond to this, but just added a "new" post accidentally instead. I can't figure out if I can delete it, so for information on the St. Louis metro area allergy support group, see post "St. Louis Support Group." Sorry, this was my first time posting here!

On Feb 28, 2008

Hi everyone, i just posted again after seeing out second allergist in STL and got exactly the opposite advise. As far as restuarants, We have wonderful managers at Chevy's in ellisville. The three managers, not the assistant hispanic girl are so educated. We eat freely there. We eat at mcdonalds and burger king, just started eating at hardees and jack in the box. The other place we have been eating is the Old Speghetti Factory, just no bread or ice cream. Did a STL support group ever materialize? Are u guys happy with ur allergists? Id love to hear about ur allergists experiences too. dd 3 years old, pa only cap rast 7 on 06 and 12 in 07, no reactions, beside intial reaction.

On Mar 6, 2008

Hi, I'm also new to the site - tell me what was the opposite advice that you got from your allergist? Mine is in the Stl area also and although she's apparently a very good allergist, I'm on the hunt for one that's especially good with peanout/tree nut allergy in the st louis area. I'm also looking for a support group. By the way, we also eat at mcdonald's, burger king, taco bell, and pizza from papa johns & imo's- though I'm sure Imos varies a lot. we've also had good luck with the red robin near us.

On Mar 12, 2008

Yes--there is a support group in St. Louis and surrounding areas. We are called Gateway FEAST (Food allergy, Eczema and Asthma Support Team). We are a group of vounteers affiliated with AAFA and FAAN. We also have a Yahoo! Group. For mor info. e-mail [email][/email]. Hope to hear from you! Carol D.

On Aug 26, 2008

Hello, I hope you guys can help me with this. We are meeting friends in St. Louise art museum this Saturday. Initially we will all meet in the museum cafe and my daughter can eat the lunch from home. I just called the museum cafe this morning, just wondering... and they told me, PB and jelly is on the menu and almost all food are prepared with peanut oil. Now, this is completely out of my comfort zone. Do you have any places you would recommend near the art museum, a cafe with a light lunch place where friends can hang out and my daughter can be safe. I am not expecting 100% peanut free place, but at least not a place that serves everything has peanut oil in it...... thanks in advance

On Sep 1, 2008

Hello fellow St. Louisians! I wanted to pass along information regarding a local chapter support group that gets together about 2-4 times a year. If you'd like to know more please contact Tonya at [email][/email]. She is the Leader of the St. Louis Food Allergy Support Group.