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I am the facilitator of the Seacoast Food Allergy Group in Portsmouth, NH. We meet the third Monday of each month at Portsmouth Hospital in Classroom 1 from 7-9 pm. Our medical advisor is Dr. Barbara Deuell, a board certified allergist. We have an extensive lending library and often have guest speakers. We have more than 60 families on our list serve and have helped advocate for food allergy related issues across the state. For more information contact me at [email][/email]

On Dec 5, 2005

Thank you for the information.

I was curious about your lending library - several books have been donated to our group but we are unsure of how to make a library work. Do you keep the books or do you have shelfspace somewhere where your members can pick them up? Our meetings can be very small and I personally don't want to lug a stack of books to each meeting in case someome wants one. We started posting a database on our Yahoogroup of what books we have to circulate but that doesn't seem to get the word out, either. Any tips on a running a successful lending library?

------------------ Jana


On Dec 8, 2005


We keep out books in a rolling suitcase. In the past, I've had someone designated to bring the suitcase each month but currently I'm doing it. It can definitely be a lot to lug to each meeting. We ask our members to only keep books for two months. Ususally that works out well but occasionally items have never been returned. It is an imperfect system but it is nice to have the material to offer someone, especially if they are newly diagnosed.