Support group for Austin?


Is there a Peanut Allergy support group for Austin, TX?



On Feb 11, 1999

Tracy, it seems that there are few support groups in the state of Texas. As far as I can see, the folks up north seem to be much more in tune to this problem. I am from Corpus Christi and find that even parents with peanut allergic children do not know the severity of the problem and do not carry epipens and have not consulted an allergist. They rely on their pediatrician to give advice, and based on the advice I got from mine, I can see where they are not overly concerned. Thanks for listening.

On Jun 2, 1999

Hi Tracy and Dhumphries, I am from Texas as well, about 45 miles South of Austin. I know this is an old thread, but have either of you found a support group since? I agree with Dhumphries that folks around here don't seem to take this allergy very seriously. I know of two children close in age to my daughter who have exhibited virtually every symptom of p.a. - whose parents will not take them to be tested & who do not carry epi-pens or even benadryl. It just shocks me to think about the things that could happen to these poor kids! I wonder if this apathy is the result of being uninformed, misinformed, or is it just plain denial about the severity of p.a.?

On Jun 3, 1999

No -- I haven't found a support group, but I've been super busy lately with weddings, business trips, etc. etc.