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Support Group California...?

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Hello there. I was curious to know if any of you knew if there is a support group, or at least a "Peanut-Free" group near the Fresno county area? If not, was anyone interested in starting one?

By pxleal on Jan 23, 2011

Hi. Yes, Fresno. 18 month-old with recent Peanut Allergy. Still going throught the stages of death and dying, not quite accepting this yet. Haven't found local allergists who treat with oral immunotherapy. Have you checked out Dr. Wasserman at He treats school age kids with OIT, 45 have graduated/been cure of peanut allergy. Can't wait till we're old enough. Any thoughts about getting peanuts banned from schools here? We would go to CUSD Valley Oak.

By HookwormIsHope on May 9, 2011

Hi! Sorry it took so long to reply... I will check out Dr. Wasserman. That sounds interesting. Have you heard of Jasper Lawrence? He started an immunotherapy business. He sells hookworm, but it's really expensive, about $3,000. Check out the site ( Your 18 month-old might not be old enough, but it's still worth checking out. The schools around here seem to not know anything about how they have to accommodate PA children. I just moved here and the schools are pretty awful. Homeschool might just be the best option.