Sunkist Fruit Gems


Does anyone know if they are safe? They are a round, soft candy, usually individually wrapped. What I found out so far is that they are made by the Ben Myerson Candy Company (800-421-8448)- I left a message for the consumer rep person -- but whoever answered the phone said they also make peanut clusters, but on separate machines. Don't know what their allergen practices are though.

On Oct 16, 2006

I just saw a big jar of them at our local deli with the "Made on equipment" or "Made in a facility" warning. [img][/img]

I know what "made on shared equipment" means, but I wish I knew what "made in a facility" means. For now, these have become off limits. They were my DS's fave when he was little. [img][/img]


On Oct 17, 2006

So, I reached somebody at the company. The man said that, yes, they do make peanut and almond products in the same facility, their packaging does indicate this (although not the individually wrapped candies), but it's a very large plant and the area where the Sunkist Gems are made is separate from the other candies with nuts. The workers all eat in the same lunchroom (transfer of peanut dust from clothing??) but the workers don't switch from one candy task to another. I didn't feel confident that he really gets it - he was a bit defensive, and first he said "no cross-contamination" and then "can't guarantee anything 100%" -- I guess I should have asked more about what separates the areas. Maybe if someone has a chance to call, they can find out more about that. Would you let this candy be served in a nut-free classroom? Maybe okay for others to eat, but just not for the PA child?

On Oct 17, 2006


I have wrestled with this candy for a long time. It is the "main" candy our synagogue uses for almost every celebration so my son has had it from a young age, before diagnosed with PA.

When I first knew about the PA, I only read labels and didn't call. The label on the big containers the synagogue buys never had a warning. Then...the "Made in a facility..." label appeared! I let my son have the candy but did call a few weeks later. This has been a couple of years ago but I remember feeling like the label was a CYA-type. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong but this is the one food (of any kind) with a

On Oct 17, 2006

Donni - It would be great if you could call, too, and we could clarify this more (like how are the production areas actually separated, for example -- especially since they are producing things like peanut clusters, etc., and I was told the workers do not use gloves when making the peanut clusters -- do they ever then make the gems on the same day??).

The reason it came up for us is that it was given out at a religious (chumash) ceremony, and since I didn't know it would be happening, I wasn't able to check on the candy beforehand or provide an alternative. It appears to be a candy that is often used in synagogues, as we now know from the bar/bat mitzvahs we've been going to recently. We're planning my daughter's bat mitzvah, too, so it would be nice to know if these are actually okay. Thanks for any more info you can get. Maybe this will be the one and only "may contain" we allow if it seems to be safe. There are always Jolly Ranchers instead.

On Oct 18, 2006

Wummm...Jolly Ranchers hurt when thrown! Hey, even these soft round candies hurt if you get hit directly in the back of the head--trust me, I know!

On Oct 18, 2006

True! I was thinking more of the eating than the throwing!