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What are other people's allergists saying about sunflower seeds? My friend's allergist says no but, I haven't talked with mine yet. My daughter is severe to peanuts and treenuts. Our school will be serving popcorn cooked in sunflower oil and I want to know before I let my daughter eat any of it.

On Nov 7, 2003

My son's allergist (Dr. Bonilla at Children's Hospital Boston) is fine with sunflower seeds (ds is PA,TNA and soy allergic)as long as there's no possibility of cross-contamination. So most sunflower seeds packaged as snacks are out, as they're often roasted in peanut oil or packaged with nutty snacks, but SunButter is fine.

We haven't had trouble with products cooked in sunflower oil, but if the company making the oil also makes peanut oil, certainly cross-contamination is a possibility. However, this is true for any cooking oil, I would think, not just sunflower.

FWIW, Debbie

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On Nov 8, 2003

Thanks Debbie. You know, I didn't think about calling the popcorn company and questioning them about the oil being cross-contaminated. You would have thought that I would have done that first since we're so programmed to call manufacturers...

On Nov 8, 2003

prayforcure, welcome! [img][/img] My PA son could certainly eat sunflower seeds. It's ME that's weird about them since we got the PA diagnosis. I make this one wonderful vegetarian casserole with sunflower seeds and I have not made it in over 6 years now. I started a thread under Living with PA about how I thought my attitude about seeds (sunflower, sesame, etc.) was "weird".

The only problem I have had is that I haven't been able to find any that haven't had the "may contain" warning on them, aren't in bulk, or I feel are labeled properly.

It's really not a big deal for us, not having that one casserole and knowing my son he wouldn't eat the seeds anyway, but if you can find "safe" ones, they should be okay.

Oh, and I use sunflower seeds exclusively for my bird feeders. I allow my son to fill the feeders but he has to come in and wash his hands thoroughly after doing so. I was fortunate in the town where we used to live because I bought the seeds from a farm that grew them so I knew there was no chance of cross-contamination.

Hope this helps. [img][/img]

Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Nov 11, 2003

I was researching some "safe birdseed" (kind of an oxymoron!) that my son's preschool teacher could use in the classroom. I came across Red River Commodities, who are the manufacturer of SunButter.

When I spoke with the cs rep, Sara Daub (701-282-2600, ext.564) she was extremely helpful. She was telling me about SunButter, and said that there are big signs outside of the doors of the plant which say "No peanuts or tree nuts allowed in facility." So not only are they P/TN free, but they are very strict w/the employees that no p/tn enter the facility. I was impressed by that. Since they are so strict w/the SunButter ingredients, you could call to find out if they sell sunflower seeds by themselves in bags through a store.

As for the birdseed, she told me that the 50-pound bags of sunflower seeds that are sold to Lowe's have the least chance of cross-contamination as they come from a peanut-free plant (she said probably 1% chance). There may have been a 25-lb. bag too (I can't remember).

Good luck!