Sunflower Seeds?


Are sunflower seeds safe? I won't give my daughter any until I know for sure, and still, never any that were made by Planters. I would just like to know if any of you with peanut allergy have ever eaten them safely.

On Jun 7, 2000

I know the "how to read a label for a peanut free diet" cards that come from FAN say avoid sunflower seeds.

On Jun 7, 2000

I react to them. I tested positive for sesame seeds (which oops I do eat and have not reacted too, but have stopped now), and sunflower....I don't know if it is the oils or the seed itself....but my reaction ruined a braves game. =(

On Jun 7, 2000

[quote]Originally posted by Tina H.: [B]Are sunflower seeds safe? I've never found sunflower seeds that aren't processed in the same plant that processes peanuts. Is that perhaps the reason they're unsafe?

On Jun 7, 2000 boys just tried sunflower seeds and to be honest I didn;t even think of not letting them try them..never crossed my mind. They liked them and they have not had a problem with them, thus far. They are made by Frito Lay and Nestle...of course now I will keep my eye on them

On Jun 16, 2000

I think there is a company in Canada called Spitz that only makes sunflower seeds.. no peanuts anywhere.. Maybe that would be an option for you..

On Jun 6, 2001

I know this is an old thread...but this past weekend my PA daughter solved the sunflower seed question for us. We were at a baseball tournament for my older (nonPA) daughter...there were sunflower seeds everywhere. We have kept my DD away from them just in case, we do the same with tree nuts. She is 5 and knows to stay away from the discarded shells on the grass...turned my back to watch a play, turned back and she is rolling in them with the other children!! I took her aside and checked for any skin reaction....(she has never ingested peanuts, but reacts swiftly and severly to touch) hour later still nothing. I let her hold a seed and gently rubbed it on the inside of her wrist. hour later I rubbed it on her reaction. I let her eat one seed...three hours later no reaction. I let her eat some (she doesn't really know how so she cracks them and spits them all probably doesn't actually ingest much of the seed part). She seems to tolerate them fine. We are in Canada and they were the Spitz brand Chanda mentioned. I am thrilled that she didn't react and I will let her have them, but as always, I will watch like a hawk...just in case (I am always paranoid!!)

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On Jun 6, 2001

Some brands of the shelled sunflower seeds are make with peanut flour. Also, many of these brands use peanut oil. This of course makes me think that the unshelled sunflower seeds are make in plants which use peanut products.

On Jun 6, 2001

Hi all.

I don't know about sunflower seeds... I would guess that they are not a good idea for any person under 4 or 5 with PA, but still just MHO.

If you like sunflower seeds and want really and truly safe safe safe ones, try GROWING YOUR OWN!!!! Of course, you may have to fight the birds for them, but you can always bag the flower heads when they begin to ripen (in Aug. or Sept). Then dry out the whole head, shake the seeds out, and roast them in your oven on a cookie sheet- just like with pumpkin seeds. Kids would probably get an even bigger thrill out of this since they saw them grow.

Just an idea. (BTW, *anyone* and I do mean anyone can grow sunflowers- they even grow in pots, and there are now varieties that only get about 1m/3ft tall)

On Aug 18, 2001

Hee hee!! My neighbor just chopped down the 10 ft. tall sunflowers he planted in our side yard.(Our houses are very close together). He threw away all of the flower heads, but maybe we'll try them next year!


On Aug 20, 2001

I was told by FAAN that the reason sunflower seeds are on their list of foods to avoid for PA is because they are usually roasted on the same equipment as peanuts, and a stray peanut shows up in a bag of sunflower seeds often enough for it to be a concern, so the company that make sunflower seeds but not peanuts seems to be a reasonable choice provided there is not a separate allergy to sunflower seeds, but make sure kids know not all sunflower seeds are safe [img][/img]

On Aug 20, 2001

I was interested in the Spitz sunflower seeds since I've only seen the do-not-use peanut warning on the bags in our stores. If you look on the Spitz website ([url][/url]) you will see that they now make flavored in-shell peanut products called Nutz.

When I called them about this (403-545-6877), they said that the Nutz products are made in a facility three hours away. The only time they make contact with their sunflower seed products is in transport, but only then it is contact as wrapped product.

They were pretty sure but not positive that their pumpkin products didn't have cross contaimination with peanuts...they were looking into it.

Unfortunately, their products have wheat flour and soy protein as cross contaiminants so we cannot use either the sunflower or pumpkin seeds. But, I thought that this info might be useful to others so I posted it. Warmly, Julie.

On Jun 26, 2004

I had sunflower seeds for the first time in years, my PA son wasn't interested in them, but the seeds were from a co. in N Dakota and the bag had a soy warning on it. I was nervous, but tried them. No reaction and he was in the car, and has had a inhalation reaction to peanuts before. I noticed a few ND brands and will pick more up when I pass back through South Dakota.