Sunbutter in school lunches instead of PB

Posted on: Thu, 02/19/2004 - 2:07am
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In case anyone misses this in media, I thought I would post it here as well. I just printed out a copy, then went to SunGolds' website [url=""][/url] and printed out their brochure comparing the sunbutter nutrients to pb. I ordered a case of 1lb. jars of Sunbutter. I plan to present all three to the superintendent, special ed dept. and our food service company. Hopefully next year our menu will say sunbutter and jelly sand.

Posted on Thu, Feb. 19, 2004

Govt. to Finance Sunflower Seed Butter


Associated Press

FARGO, N.D. - With encouragement from the federal government, more students will have a chance to eat sunflower seed butter instead of peanut butter in their school lunches. The question is, will they want to?

The Agriculture Department has added the product to its commodity list for school food service programs, which means cafeterias will be reimbursed for buying it. While agriculture officials are touting the decision as a boost to sunflower producers, students are shrugging their shoulders.

Richard Warner, principal at Fargo South High School, polled about 40 students in a study hall session Wednesday and none had heard of sunflower seed butter.

Calli Cebulski, a senior at Fargo North High School, had tried it.

"That stuff is really nasty," Cebulski said. "I guess I would say there's no substitute for peanut butter."

North classmate Erin Hafliger said she would be willing to give the product a shot.

"I like sunflower seeds a lot and get addicted when I eat them," she said.

Sunflower seed butter has sold well in some grocery stores, and its appeal as an alternative for people who are allergic to peanuts in peanut butter convinced the USDA to endorse it, said Bob Majkrzak, president of a Fargo company that produces SunButter.

"The USDA researchers recognize that there's a looming problem with peanut allergies throughout the country," Majkrzak said.

Rita Giesen, a spokeswoman for the North Dakota School Food Service Association, said sunflower seed butter is a "welcome" alternative to peanut butter, though she warns that comparing the two won't win over many converts.

"SunButter has its own distinct taste, and you can't compare it to anything," Giesen said.

Schools in New York, California and Texas have said they would buy sunflower seed butter in the next school year, Majkrzak said.

The government buys about 25 to 30 million pounds of peanut butter for schools each year, Majkrzak said. Sunflower seed butter could capture about 10 percent of that market now that it's on the USDA list of commodities, he said

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Posted on: Thu, 02/19/2004 - 4:10am
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Do you think there is any chance of other students bringing peanut butter sandwiches and saying they are sunbutter or peabutter sandwiches? How would you control this?

Posted on: Thu, 02/19/2004 - 4:17am
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Are there individuals allergic to sunbutter or peabutter?

Posted on: Thu, 02/19/2004 - 4:27am
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Yes, my ds is allergic to sunflower seeds, peas & soy [img][/img] So no sunbutter, peabutter or soynut butter for him. But, it's good news for the pa community in public schools. We are going to homeschool.
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Posted on: Thu, 02/19/2004 - 5:05am
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KateB, I really have no intention of controlling what other students bring in. If they arent serving p.b. that lessens the risk to my ds.
Mommabear, Im sure there are people allergic to sunbutter and peabutter. They will also have to right to get 504 protection and ask for it to be removed. And I will have no problem with that. If you removed every food that someone [i]may[/i] be allergic to, there would be nothing left.

Posted on: Fri, 02/20/2004 - 5:02am
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Momma2boys, thanks for the info! I had already printed out the article from the media board and had planned on taking to the Superintendent and the Director of Food Services either today or Monday. (Even though according to the article it doesn't seem that SunButter is as tasty as pb.) Now, I will print out the brochure as well. Their main argument to us is that pb is a govt. commodity. Now it appears they might have other options.

Posted on: Fri, 02/20/2004 - 10:04am
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That kid in the article must be a head case???
Sunbutter actually tastes quite good. I should know, I used to love PB (before I gave it up after learning of our son's severe PA).
In fact, the company conducted a blind taste test, and I seem to recall that Sunbutter was preferred to peanut butter in the taste test by kids. I'll have to look that up....

Posted on: Fri, 02/20/2004 - 10:14am
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Nutternomore, If you find it let me know, please. I didnt like that they included that quote. I dont want it to influence the food service people.

Posted on: Fri, 02/20/2004 - 11:01am
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"Schools in New York, California and Texas have said they would buy sunflower seed butter in the next school year, Majkrzak said."
Anyone know WHERE in Texas this is happening?
[Facing Kindergarten in Texas this coming school year & it's not looking good. . .]

Posted on: Fri, 02/20/2004 - 12:12pm
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"An independent taste test conducted last May involving the most critical of food critics

Posted on: Fri, 02/20/2004 - 3:54pm
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You beat me to the punch...glad you found the reference! I knew I remembered that a taste test had been held!
I remember DW and I mentioned this about 2 years ago, when we got a bunch of Sunbutter samples (they were more generous back then) and we offered free tasting at the pre-school where my son was attending (they had gone nut-free).


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