Have any of you tried Sunbutter ? I was thinking about buying it and trying to make cookies with it and such but I am nervous about using it. My DD is PN/TN and I guess the whole stay clear theory is stopping me. Any input???? Suggestions????

On Oct 13, 2007

We love Sunbutter. I haven't given it to my daughter (PN/TN & banana) but we eat it around her all the time. She's just 4 and it tastes just like peanut butter and we don't want to confuse her. I'll give it to her when she's older if she wants it though.

I haven't tried to bake with it (I hate baking - a great trait to have with an allergic child!) but I think I remember someone saying there was something you should add to the recipe...maybe someone else will remember...

On Oct 13, 2007

We love sunbutter and use it constantly. I have used it with my allergic son for a few years now (he is turning 6) and we have not had a problem with him confusing it.

However, I have always been careful to not send it to friend's houses and to not bring it to school. I think a lot of the confusion lies not with the child but with the adults who care for them (i.e. lunch room workers, teachers, etc.) and other children around him/her.

Our son knows that Sunbutter is to be eaten in our house (and grandparents) only. Our 3-year-old has always eaten Sunbutter in our house as well. It's really delicious.

I think if you bake with it you may have to add extra baking soda so that it doesn't turn greenish. There are baking tips on Sunbutter's website.

Good luck!


On Oct 13, 2007

I love the Sunbutter. My 3 year old really likes it and has been eating it since he was about 2. At the time that I started using it we did not know about ds's PA. We were just avoiding nuts due to dairy allergy. DS#3 ate the Sunbutter and other 2 ds's ate regular PB. Now that DS has been diag with PA we have eliminated PB from the house (hardest for me). I eat the sunbutter all the time as does DS with PA. My other 2 older ones eat it occasionally. I do reccommend eating it only at home as my mom accidentally got the sunbutter and her natural pb mixed up as both are refrigerated (she promptly threw out the pb to avoid future confusion). That is how DS had his first reaction (just a couple days ago - posted in the reaction topic).

I pulled this from the Sunbutter website under "cooking tips".

Note for Cooking with SunButter