Summer gardening

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Hi, we just moved into our house late summer last year and so this is the first year we are doing some gardening/yard works. I had read here some people do no trust Scott,although when I emailed them last time regarding to lawn fertilizer, they said it's peanut free? We also used it last year before we found out my daughter's PA (we used potting soil) and there was no problem. Now, could anyone give me some suggestions on "safe" gardening? Soil to use, weed killer, fertilizer....etc? We are doing very simply planting and yard works, nothing fancy, just want to stay safe. Is general "top soil" okay to use? Thanks,

On Jun 9, 2008

We use Scott's 5-step program and have for years. No problems here.

We also use "Moo Grow potting" and "Moo Top Soil", both available at our local garden center. No problems.