Summer Camps in MA for MFA/PA

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Hi. I have a 6 year old son with MFA (PA,TNA,Milk,Sesame,Eggs). Does anyone have any recommendations for a summer camp in Massachusetts that could handle a child with MFA?

I live in the metrowest Boston area.

Thanks for any suggestions.

On Jul 19, 2006

My son also has many food allergies including peanut, nut, seeds, many fruits, many veggies. He has gone to Cambridge School of Weston Day Camp for the past 3 years. They provide lunch and have a peanut/nutfree menu. I still have him bring his own lunch and snack as I am concerned about cross contamination. I don't think they call all the food manufacturers regaring whether foods are on dedicated lines, etc. Plus we have more than peanut to be concerned about. He has been very happy there. You can check their website. I think it is [url=""][/url] (or .com). They are located off of 128. You take the Winter St. exit. The day is from 8:45 to 4:00. Also have extended day with early morning drop off and/or 6:00pm pick up. There is a nurse on site and the counselors have been wonderful and careful. You can go into the kitchen and read ingredients if you want. During the school year the school does allow peanuts/peanut butter and maybe some products containing nuts. So there are some in the cabinets. But they are in closed packages and not used during the summer at all. Both my sons have enjoyed this camp each year. They started going as 6 year olds. They have an awesome swim program! And the kids get to choose what they want to do in the afternoon from a variety of options.

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On Jul 20, 2006

Thank-you very much for your reply. I really appreciate the information. I will definitely investigate this option. I would have my son bring his lunch. Do you know if they have ever had anyone with a milk allergy? At school he sits at a table that has no liquid milk or yogurt but does allow cheese. But I am not quite sure how this could/should work at a summer camp? Thanks again for the recommendation.

On Jul 20, 2006

I would recommend Camp Sewataro, in Sudbury, Massachusetts. We aren't using them this summer, but used them for the previous 7 years, and will probably use them again next summer. They are very used to dealing with food allergies, especially peanut. Unless things have changed this summer, they are peanut-free. Kids bring their own lunches, and they do keep an eye out to make sure no one sneaks in anything obvious like a PB&J, although they don't try to inspect every bit of food in the lunch boxes to keep out "may contains".

Kids who want to bring in goodies to share with their "tribe" for their birthdays must being in treats from a specific nut-free list (oreos, things like that).

The counselors go with the kids from activity to activity and carry the kids' epipens with them at all times on their clipboard. There is a camp nurse there at all times, and (as of last year) was great, and seemed to know a lot about food allergies.

It's a really beautiful, traditional wooded camp. If you call them soon, you might be able to visit (they have tours and presentations) while camp is in session this summer. If you do want to send your child there, you should send in the application as soon after Labor Day as you can, because they book up very quickly.

Here's their website: [url=""][/url]

Their phone number is: (978) 443-3100

HTH, Debbie

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On Jul 22, 2006

Thnnk-you very much about the information regarding the camp in Sudbury. I like the idea of visiting the camp this summer to have a look while it is in session. I really appreciate the recommendations.

On Jul 24, 2006

Tenacre day camp in Wellesley is peanut-free, and if your kid has any food allergies, they must bring in their own snack, which is fine with me. The other kids get crackers, cookies, or pretzels. Some of them may be "may contains" but that is ok with us. My daughter is happy bringing in her own snack. They have a nurse there all day too. It is a fun camp with swimming, crafts, music, sports, etc. Great camper-to-counselor ratio too.

On Jul 25, 2006

Thanks so much for all the suggestions. I apreciate it so much. My son is at the age where we have just gotten over the school hurdle and next year would like to tackle the camp hurdle. It is great to hear that camp may be a possibility!

On Jul 25, 2006

I like Kidstock in Winchester.

I should mention it is a drama camp.


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