Suggestions on how to start PA support group?

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I have met one other person here at that lives in my area. We are interested in starting a support group here? Can anyone here offer any suggestions as to how we can get started?

On Aug 29, 2004

Please let me know if you find anything out. I know there are other food-allergic kids in our school system, but I haven't been able to hook up with other parents. I think that's the hardest do you find the other parents?

Thanks, Lori

On Aug 29, 2004

Lori, I know what you mean about finding other parents - I knew there was another child in my son's grade who had PA, and just found out it's someone we have seen and talked to daily! A good way to find the other parents of PA kids is to go through the school nurse. Give her your contact info, tell her you are looking to start a group, and ask her to pass it on to the other PA parents. This is the time when everyone is going to see the nurse to drop off their Epipens, so it's the perfect time to reach people.

Faithfully, lucky for me, one of the other members here recently saw my post looking for a group in my area, and she took it upon herself to contact me and other posters who live in the same area. We now have a very nice group! Keep an eye out when posters mention where they're from, and you can get in touch to keep adding to your group [img][/img]

On Sep 2, 2004

Once you find a few people (even just one other person is fine), find a place to meet. (Some places that may give you a room for free: a church or other religious institutions, first aid building, library, school or just a member's home. My support group meets at the office of an allergist.) Set a regular meeting time (e.g. Alternate Tuesdays at 8pm; or the first Wed. of the month)

Spread the word -- tell all your friends; send a press release to the local newspapers; ask any group that may have a newsletter, bulletin, or regularly scheduled meetings to include info about it (local moms' groups, religious institutions, PTA, Boy/Girl scouts)

Create some fliers. Ask your pediatrician and allergist to put up fliers in their offices. The allergist might be willing to hand out fliers to each patient; mine gave me the number to the support group. Hang fliers everywhere you can thing of -- supermarkets, libraries, doctor's office, preschools, schools, day care centers etc.

It will probably take a while to grow but if you are consistant on when you meet & keep advertising, making fliers etc. you should find some people soon!

Good luck!

------------------ Ellen Allergic to Shellfish/ Mom to Jesse 9/01 who has PA

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On Sep 10, 2004

Visit MOCHA's (Mothers of Children Having Allegies) web pages - great information on starting a support group!


we're using their information here in Michigan!

On Sep 10, 2004

Our FEAST (Food Education Allergy Support Team) group is affiliated with Asthma and Asthma Foundation of America - have you seen their site? [url=""][/url] Here's their link about starting a group [url=""][/url] (If the link doesn't work - go to the [url=""][/url] main page and click on the left where it says AAFA support groups and "start a group" will drop down)

------------------ Jana


On Nov 21, 2004

I know this is a little late, but I started a Mother's of Multiples group a few years ago. Our local hospital was very helpful, gave us a meeting place to use once a month and paid for copying and mailing out our monthly newsletter and our twice a year letters to all the local physicians, schools, social services, community groups, etc. I should think a food allergy group would be easily justifiable for a hospital to support. We had really good luck and went from 2 members to 40. Four years later is is still going strong.

I can give you specific details on starting a group if you wish. Good luck!

------------------ Lori Jo,

Rose, 7-31-02, PA Beatrice & Georgia, 8-14-99

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