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Suggestions for Sauce to Dip Sushi - Soy and Fruit Free

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My son has a postive RAST to soy but seems able to tolerate small amounts - soy lecithin, a little soy flour mixed into soup, etc., but I am not comfortable trying straight soy sauce. He is also allergic to most fruits.

Any suggestions for a good sauce to dip sushi in that is soy and fruit free?

On Apr 3, 2007

I use vinegar mixed with mirin, if I use anything at all.

For brown rice sushi, I just top the roll with wasabi and gari. Sure, it may be a bit gauche, but it's tasty.

If you want a fairly close soy sub, you can mix marmite with hot water and salt to taste. Marmite is soy-free. You could also wait for South River Miso to offer a soy-free miso tamari made from chickpeas or adzuki beans. I have some of their adzuki miso tamari (GF and soy-free) and it's lovely.

ETA: soy flour is made from ground soybeans. That is NOT a low-protein soy-food and you're putting your kiddo at risk of developing a more serious allergy. Soy sauce is actually lower in protein. That said, I react to it, along with soybean oil, soy lecithin, and soy-derived vitamin E.


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On Apr 3, 2007

Thanks for the info. We are sooo restricted because he tests positive sooooo many foods according to RAST that we have chosen to continue giving him foods that he has never reacted to. Hoping against hope that these particular ones are false positives. I am afraid to do food challenges with foods that he hasn't ever tried but tests positive to, but so far am ok continuing to give him foods that he has tolerated for years.

Considering that the jury is out on whether it is best to maintain some exposure level or completely avoid, we are avoiding some and maintaining low levels with a few others.

I hear what you are saying though and truly appreciate it. Thanks for your thoughts.

What is marmite? And what is mirin?

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