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Sudden Allergic Reaction at Party

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Last Friday, my daughter's daycare was throwing a small birthday for another child. Individual, small cups of Purity Ice Cream Fudge Ripple was served. From what I was told, she had the ice cream all over her face, down her chin and across her neck. Within moments, she broke out in hives and swelling in those areas. No tongue swelling. The adult gave her Benadryl and hydrocortisone cream immediately and I continued applying that night before bedtime. The swelling went down but the hives were still prominent. Hives finally gone by the morning. I checked the ingredients on the label a thousand times, went online and tried to research, but nothing is showing any peanut ingredients. I called and left a voice mail with the Purity customer service and Milk Plant - waiting for a returned call - to ask about their processing and facility. Have any of your parents/members had a similar experience, have pointers/advice, important information or knowledge you can share. Should I follow up with our pediatrician or allergist? Thanks.