Sudafed - Peanut Allergy Information


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I am finding good information regarding the use of children's formulas (Robitussin), but, what about the adults? Does anyone use Sudafed? I am working on a killer cold right now that seems to have settled in my ears and sinuses. What products has anyone used? Thanks!

On Jan 12, 2008

I just got over a nasty cold myself, so this is fresh on my mind: REAL Sudafed (the one that conatians pseudephedrine) is great stuff -- I especially love the 12- and 24- hour formulas. The new formula doesn't do a thing for me. I also like the Nyquil gel-caps for multi-symptoms before bed: it really knocks me out well.

If you have a cough and chest congestion (which I always get with my colds), Mucinex is great stuff, and worth the expense. I get the one that has the expectorant and cough suppressant.

On Jan 13, 2008

Please do not use Sudafed if you have high blood WILL increase your blood pressure.

On Jan 13, 2008

Thanks for the info! I have heard many (non-allergic) people say the same thing about the new formula. I didn't know you can still purchase the one with Psuedoephedrine... It is good to know I can fall back on something, though.

Thanks, Cathlina, about the blood pressure warning, too. Not an issue for me as I usually run 110/64.