Successful PA trip to Germany

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Just a happy note to report we spent two weeks in Germany without a PA incident! We had a short warning translated to show to Gasthaus personnel but they mostly looked puzzled or amused at the thought of peanut oil or peanuts. It isn't very common, thank goodness. Everyone was very polite and concerned and it was a wonderful trip.

On Jul 17, 2000

Tiger, I have a 2 year old with pa. I am Wanting to travel outside the states with him. I have nothing planned as of yet but would love to go to Italy or Greece rent a place for a couple weeks then travel from hotel to hotel.I am nervous about always wanting to know where the nearest hospital is.How did you handle this? Did you grocery shop and carry snacks with you? Did you learn anything about the quality of or type of care given in a situation with a anaphylaxis reaction? Any more tips would be to [email][/email]

On Feb 28, 2001

We are taking our PA son to Germany and Paris. Would you mind sharing the warning that you used while traveling. Was there anything you made sure you avoided? I am SO happy to hear you had an uneventful trip from PA standpoint. Congratulations.