Subway Sued Over Fatal Allergic Reaction



On Feb 2, 2008

I just read it and came here to see if the article had been posted yet. How tragic!

It serves as a lesson to us to be more careful about eating in places where things like peanut butter cookies are right out in the open, next to other foods. I'll think twice about taking my daughter to Subway again...

On Feb 3, 2008

I've mentioned it here before but I've actually watched a Subway worker touch the cookies and then refill several of the other basic items without changing gloves (lettuce, tomatoes, onions, etc). I hope this lawsuit brings awareness but I'm not sure it's the restaurants fault if the allergic customer didn't ask questions. You shouldn't presume the food would be safe when the peanut and macadamia nut cookies are displayed clearly on the counter.